The Tired Parents

“I'm so tired.”
“Really? Looked like you were sleeping really well last night.”

Welcome to the world of The Tired Parents, a brilliant new animated-reality show which affectionately explores the sleep-deprived squabbles of new parents, as they try to find their place in a new world of domestic responsibility.

Whose turn is it to get up in the night? …Change the duvet, do the weekly shop, engage in a meaningful way with the children – and MOT the car?

*"Watch the latest episode: Demon child":

It's the last episode of the series, and the Tired Parents finally agree on something

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Episode 11: The gym

The Tired Parents exchange tense words about pumping iron.

Episode nine: New book

One of the Tired Parents has surprisingly just finished a book…

Episode eight: I Feel Ill

One of The Tired Parents is under the weather, and needs a day's rest…

Episode seven: Trip to Geneva

The Tired Parents work out who is to blame when their child is sick.

Episode six: The Cardigan

The Tired Parents work out who is to blame when their child is sick.

Episode five: A night out

Friends of the Tired Parents babysit so that the couple can enjoy an evening out.

Episode four: Resolutions

The Tired Parents look ahead to a new year, and a fresh start.

Episode three: Potatoes

One of the Tired Parents wants to nip out to the shops.

Episode two: Sleep anywhere

The Tired Parents go camping, and critique each other's sleeping habits.

Episode one: It's your turn

The Tired Parents plan for the long night ahead.

What's next for the Tired Parents

Come and tell us your own stories – you might just inspire a future episode.