The school holiday struggle: expectations vs reality

Woman with pan on her head

“Every year I am seduced by the idea of spending quality time as a family,” sighed one Mumsnetter. “But the reality is always very different.” How different, you say? Let's take a look…

Expectation: Enriching days out at museums, parks and galleries

Visiting a museum

Reality: A trip to the dentist is classed as 'a day out'

Trip to the dentist

Expectation: Getting a head-start on next term's curriculum

holiday homework

Reality: Forgetting everything learnt in the previous term by the third day of the hols

What even is mathematics anymore

Expectation: Home-cooked nutritional meals and snacking limited to crudites

Child eating cucumber without complaint

Reality: Throwing fish fingers into the mouths of screaming children and hoping for the best

Child refusing to eat anything

Expectation: Carefully planned craft activities and limited screen time

Child quietly doing crafts

Reality: House covered in glitter and Paw Patrol on repeat

Defeated parent watching television

Expectation: A massive, organised tidy up of every room in the house

Child being helpful

Reality: Lose 'clean your room' argument. Retreat to bottle of gin

Mother giving up