Ditch the itch - top tips to ease chickenpox

As far as childhood diseases go, chickenpox is up there as one of the most miserable. Not only will your child be suffering from a high temperature and irritable skin, but the highly contagious nature of chickenpox means you'll have to batten down the hatches and ride it out alone.

We paired up with PoxClin to ask Mumsnet users for their top tips to relieve the skin from irritation, itching and sensitivity that is associated with chickenpox in children.

Mix it up
boy at craft table

“Many long oat baths, PoxClin, a lot of TV, a lot of crafts and, eventually, a spotty friend to spend some time with too is what got us through.”

Let the skin breathe

Baby on tummy

“My go-to tip is cool baths and letting babies go without a nappy where possible, as any dampness can really irritate the spots.”

Tea for two

Tea bag

“A chamomile tea compress helped my son. Three teabags in boiling water left to cool and applied with a cotton flannel. It has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. A few tablespoons of baking soda in a cool bath helped with the itching too. Put them in cotton clothing and make sure their nails are short to prevent scratching.”

Sunshine makes everything better
Girl in paddling pool

“Luckily when my DD had it the weather was brilliant so she just played out in the garden.
Between the paddling pool and the sunshine the chicken pox cleared up really fast. I had also discovered PoxClin so applied that liberally as well which helped also.”

Take it easy
boy sleeping on sofa

“My DC found oat baths soothing (fill a sock with oats, tie it at the top and place under a running tap). Other than that, it was just like any other illness; bed or snuggled on the sofa watching movies.”

Get some air
Boy on empty beach

“We avoided other people but we would have gone crazy in the house all the time, so we headed to empty beaches for fresh air, and spent time in the garden too.”

Healing magic of water
boy in the bath

“Room temperature baths with baking soda in – let them stay in as long as possible to get the benefit. We washed dolls in the bath, had tea parties, used glow sticks in a nighttime bath with no lights on, and had some music playing for a disco bath.”

Just go with it
Girl putting on cream

“When I had chickenpox at Christmas aged around seven, my dad created a game where he would roll some dice and join up the number of dots with calamine lotion. He made having chickenpox almost fun.”

Bed down

Child with mum on bed

“My two had it over Christmas one year. We just bedded down in our pyjamas with books, movies, treats, regular baths and mountains of PoxClin. Thankfully come Christmas Day they had crusted over so we were able to venture out for our much needed Christmas meal (and copious amounts of Prosecco.)”

Relax the rules
girl eating ice cream

“We did whatever we needed to do for an easy life. We let him eat whatever he fancied, even if that meant ice cream for every meal.”

Protect their skin

Mum cutting a child's nails

“Keeping nails trimmed really short is important, it lessens the damage they do when they eventually itch. My DC loved having cool baths with a sock or pair of tights full of porridge oats. We really rated PoxClin as the mousse style wasn’t too cold on their warm bodies – whereas some of the gels were really cold.”

Soothe and protect with PoxClin


PoxClin is an easy to apply mousse which has an immediate cooling and soothing effect so it instantly relieves itching. It also protects from infection and scarring and promotes the skin’s natural healing process. “We discovered PoxClin on the second round of chickenpox, and it definitely seemed to be the thing that gave them the most relief.”