Multitasking Mumsnetters reveal their secrets

Mum juggles several things whilst holding baby

Having kids somehow sends your efficiency skills flying through roof. In 30 minutes, you can hoover the house (including the staircase), read the next chapter of a book, make a few phone calls, respond to emails and even squeeze in a quick cuppa. Procrastination becomes a thing of the past when you’ve got a million things to do (not a stealth boast).

Sky Kids asked Mumsnetters what they could accomplish in 30 minutes, and the answers were impressive.

Whether it's carving out the time to wash yourself (because sometimes that's harder than expected when parenting), or doing a quick stint on the exercise bike (or just a flippin walk round the block), rate what's important to you when you manage to get a magical 30 minutes to yourself.

Mumsnet rated sky kids app

If you need a spare half hour to get stuff done, why not download the Sky Kids app and let your child enjoy one of their shows? With over 5,000 episodes on demand and parental controls that allow you to manage screen time and set age filters, you can leave your child to it and get on with all you need to do in perfect peace.