Bad Mother

Bad mother

Watch the new comedy web series Bad Mother here exclusively – we'll be adding new episodes showcasing the madness of modern motherhood every week

Bad Mother Episode 6 – Benign neglect

In this week's episode, after missing a session of soft play, Bad Mother wonders what's wrong with a little bit of benign neglect.

Bad Mother Episode 5 – Babysitter

In this episode, Bad Mother resorts to desperate measures to find a last-minute babysitter so that she can escape for a rare night out.

Bad Mother: Episode 4 – Playdate

In this episode, the stress involved in preparing for a playdate somewhat backfires on Bad Mother.

Bad Mother: Episode 3 – Just a mum

In this episode, our Bad Mother finds herself apologising for being “just a mum”.

Bad Mother: Episode 2 – Default parent

This week, Bad Mother deals with the realisation that she is the “default parent” – aka the one that does everything.

This very real, very relatable, very sweary video series follows a beleaguered stay-at-home mum trying her best to win the all-consuming parenting game.

With episodes tackling the most challenging parenting scenarios ('Other People's Children', 'Default Parent', 'Just a Mum', 'Playdate', 'Babysitter' and 'Benign Neglect'), the series is aimed at all the mums and dads who are feeling the pressure from every angle.

Featuring Star Stories' Laura Patch, with Kevin Bishop as her husband, the series launched here on Friday 23 June with its first five-minute episode.

Bad Mother: Episode 1 – Other people's children

Series Trailer

Bad Mother was created by writer Susie Gilmour, inspired by 10 years of 'bad mothering' her two boys, and award-winning director Matt Winn, father of twins, with producers Charlie Watson and Jeremy Campbell.

Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts said: “Mumsnet is the mothership when it comes to sharing relatable parenting experiences with the potential for lots of swearing, so this is right up our alley; each of the episodes outlines a situation that could have come straight from our forums.”

Bad Mother creator, Susie Gilmour said, “I wrote Bad Mother specifically for mums, and can't think of a better home for it than Mumsnet.”