Green Cola wins Mumsnet Rated

Green Cola Mumsnet Rated

Green Cola has been tried and tested by Mumsnet users, and given the ultimate seal of approval in the form of Mumsnet Rated accreditation. Of those who tested the new, healthier soft drink, 81% of parents would recommend Green Cola to others. Scroll down to find out why

What is Green Cola?

Green Cola is a new, healthier cola drink which contains no sugar and therefore no calories. But what makes it green? Firstly, it is sweetened with natural stevia from the green stevia plant, secondly it contains caffeine extracted from green coffee beans, and last (but by no means least) it is made by a small, family-run company that works hard to minimise its impact on the environment in as many ways as possible.

Green Cola doesn't have any phosphoric acid, an acidifying agent used in other soft drinks and colas. Also, nearly all other cola brands use the artificial sweetener aspartame to sweeten their drinks, but not Green Cola. Its decision to use stevia instead proved popular with Mumsnet users, with one parent commenting:

The most important factor for me when selecting a healthier option is taste and the fact it doesn’t have aspartame in it. I would rather not drink other diet brands for this reason so this is great for me.

And, despite not containing the above, many users commented that Green Cola still maintained a great taste, indeed some preferring it to other diet drinks.

Disclaimer: no, Green Cola is not actually green in colour

Families drinking Green Cola

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What do Mumsnet users think?

I love the fact that it tastes exactly the same as normal coke but is a healthier alternative.

I enjoyed the taste. It tastes more like regular cola than other diet versions which I think is due to the stevia. Overall I have a positive perception and liked the drink.

Tasted like a lighter version of Diet Coke, but with more fizz – which, in my opinion, is the perfect mix.

I loved the fact that this is a healthier alternative to other colas and could give it guilt-free to DD.

I was totally amazed at the refreshing taste, its healthy contents, the zero sugar, and the can itself. When I gave a can to my daughter, who is currently pregnant and drinks cola on a regular basis, she said that Green Cola was a much better alternative all-round and she is already transformed into buying this only.

Fizzy drinks of this nature are a real treat to me. I really liked this drink – I found it cleaner, more refreshing and less sweet than its counterparts.

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Hear from Green Cola

Green Cola co-founder Paul Woodward commented: “We’re delighted to have received such approval from Mumsnet. Parents clearly liked not only our more natural ingredients using plant-based stevia and natural caffeine, but also the fact that we use over 96% aluminium cans and glass bottles, rather than plastic. Over the summer festival season, we met a lot of mothers connected to PKU sufferers or who had diabetics in their families, and were generally very clued up on health, all thanking us for bringing out Green Cola. As an independent local company, that really means a lot to us personally."

Want to try Green Cola for yourself?

Green Cola is an independent British company and the drink is available from Amazon and Ocado for home deliveries, Franco Manca, and a growing number of artisan delis, cafes, restaurants and health shops across the country.

To stock up, you can buy 4 x packs of 6 cans (330 ml) of Green Cola for £14.36

Buy now from Amazon

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