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From the secret of happiness to how to get your toilet bowl sparkling, our lifestyle webchat guests have informed and entertained us.

Judy MurrayJudy Murray

"Sometimes the training and 'structured stuff' removes the enjoyment of just playing freely. When I look back at Jamie and Andy at that age, they just wanted to play points and matches." Judy Murray, July 2011

Best known for being mum of tennis stars Andy and Jamie, Judy Murray, who is also a tennis player and coach, answered your questions on everything from how to get your kids stuck into sport, dealing with negative comments, and how it feels to watch her sons compete. 


Oliver Burkeman

"Don't wait until you feel like doing something. Sounds so obvious, but I think it's actually quite profound. In other words, next time you're feeling actively hostile towards the idea of doing some task, stop trying to feel enthusiastic about it." Oliver Burkeman, January 2011

Can you be poor and still be truly happy? Is social media a help or a hindrance? What about anti-depressants? Oliver Burkeman is a journalist and author who writes 'This column will change your life' in The Guardian.


Liz Earle

"With spots, my top tip is to avoid squeezing. Although tempting, spots should be left alone to heal - squeezing can result in painful infection, scars and cross-contamination. Essential oils including antiseptic and antibacterial tea tree oil, purifying melissa and healing lavender will stop spot-causing bacteria in its tracks." Liz Earle, January 2010

Problematic pores? Eager for exfoliation advice? Adult acne that only clears up when you're pregnant? We welcomed queen of skincare Liz Earle to MNHQ to field our most complex complexion questions.



Phil McCann

"Don't talk to me about parsnips - mine were rubbish this year. The trick is that they need a really long growing season. Sow in early March and you can be harvesting about now until December. But anything sown that early can be stopped in their tracks by any cold weather in spring." Phil McCann, October 2010

Gardening guru Phil McCann has been our guest on Mumsnet twice, and in this live webchat he tackled horticultural questions on growing fruit and veg, and gave us sage (excuse pun) advice on what to plant, how to plant it and everything in between.


Kim Woodburn

"Brown marks around the water-ring in the toilet are because you are from a hard water area. Take zero, zero, zero sandpaper and bicarbonate of soda and give it a jolly good rub. Please don't let it build up - don't be lazy!" Kim Woodburn, September 2009

Kim Woodburn, of Kim & Aggie fame, is famous for her no-nonsense advice on programmes such as How Clean Is Your House and Too Posh to Wash, and books such as Cleaning Bible. She was aghast at our slovenly ways, but didn't flinch from tackling the mucky stuff, such as nasty toilets and smelly washing machines.


Alvin Hall

Alvin Hall

"You live in a competitive banking world. The old days when you stayed at a bank for life are gone. Get out there and look for a bank that gives you more of what you want, especially because you are good with your money." Alvin Hall, July 2008

Independent money-saving expert Alvin Hall advised us (and entertained us) with his inimitable take on how to handle our finances. He chatted to us about mortgages, pensions, and how to teach children the meaning of money. 



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