Exclusive 5% off Vine Ridge Retreats villa holidays

Vine ridge retreats

Mumsnet partner Vine Ridge Retreats are giving Mumsnetters 5% off any of their Spanish villa holidays – just quote Mumsnet 5 when you book online or over the phone

Vine Ridge Retreats boasts a whole host of self-catering properties in Spain which are ideal for families. There are villas and cottages suitable for anything from couples to 10+ people, with swimming pools, rooftop terraces, and even the odd jacuzzi – you're bound to find something that suits you and your brood down to the ground.

It's also worth knowing that your 5% off is also valid when combined with any other special offers – meaning your week in the sun just became even more affordable.

One of the villas, Jasmine Villa

How to claim your Vine Ridge Retreats discount

Mumsnetters can now get an exclusive 5% off their holiday at any of the Vine Ridge Retreats properties.

Simply visit their dedicated Mumsnetter homepage, choose the property you want to visit, and then quote Mumsnet 5 when you book online or over the phone.

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