Mumsnet exclusive: extended free trial of the ScreenLimit app

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If you're concerned about the sheer amount of time your kids spend glued to their various devices, you can use the ScreenLimit app to set boundaries on screen time and control which apps they can access. Sound good? ScreenLimit are offering Mumsnetters an extended free trial

With ScreenLimit you can set a daily screen time allowance, instantly block access to sites, schedule times of the day when devices cannot be used, allow or block specific apps (coming soon to iOS), send your children direct messages, and even reward good behaviour (whether that’s completed homework or clean plates in your house) with bonus screen time.

The app is cross-platform and available on multiple devices, including Windows PCs, Apple, Android and Amazon devices – though not the Kindle Fire Kids Edition.

ScreenLimit are offering Mumsnetters an exclusive offer: register here and receive 2000 minutes of screen time that you can allocate to your children – double the standard 1000 free minutes.

Mumsnetters love ScreenLimit because…

  • “It's fast. Children sat next to each other arguing about Minecraft, quick flick of two buttons and their apps all disappear…”
  • “This is a very useful app. I often tell my children they can have a certain amount of time on the iPad, i.e. 20 minutes and then fail to see my boundary through because I'm distracted by something else. Having the app set up to limit the children automatically works well.”
  • “I often reward good behaviour with an extra 10 or 15 minutes of iPad time, so I really liked this feature.”

If you'd like to learn more about ScreenLimit, you can read the full Mumsnet review here.

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