Mumsnet to launch political party

The Mumsnet Party

'Time to clean up the mess' - mums found new political party in run-up to General Election

Update 12pm 1/4/15 - yes, you spotted it, this was our 2015 April Fool.

Mumsnet today announced its intention to launch a new political party, the MNP, in time to field candidates in several key swing seats in the coming General Election on Thursday May 7.

The MNP aims to represent those voters who express themselves dismayed by the short-termism and petty tribalism that characterise so much of the UK's political debate. Its focus will be on intelligent, long-term political thinking, and policies that prioritise the sustainable well being of the country, in order to deliver tangible benefits both to this generation of voters and the next. It intends to field a full roster of candidates for the local elections in 2016.

According to a specially commissioned poll of 2000 mothers aged 25-45:

  • 74% believe that politicians care more about short-term popularity than the long-term national interest
  • 78% believe that primary class sizes are too big for the long-term well being of the nation
  • 72% believe that Westminster politics are intrinsically sexist, and
  • 69% say they'd ground their children if they behaved like MPs at PMQs.

Mumsnet user mumboots said: "I'm fed up with identikit rich white men who've only ever worked in politics speaking for me. They're not even doing a good job. Parents really understand the need for long-term thinking because of our emotional connection with our kids and our position at the coal-face of what really matters."

Key MNP policies are expected to include:

  • universal free childcare for children aged 0-16
  • a new requirement for buses to set aside at least 50% of interior capacity for buggies and pushchairs - possibly facilitated by 'buggy prongs' on the front of vehicles
  • a root-and-branch review of school homework, including an analysis of the effects of holiday projects on parents' self-esteem
  • the abolition of all retail taxes on sanitary products, chocolate and gin and
  • free first-class travel for pregnant women.

The party will campaign under the slogan 'You've let the country down, you've let us down - but most of all you've let yourselves down'.

Mumsnet is the UK's biggest parenting site, with 7.5m monthly unique users. Popular forums include 'Am I Being Unelectable?', 'Deficit Reduction for the Under-Fives', and 'Undermining the Patriarchy Using Non-Solid Foodstuffs'.

Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts said: "Look, we have to do everything else anyway - why not this? Just look at the bloody state of it. Everyone else can get back to sitting on the sofa and watching Better Call Saul, and we'll clean up the mess. Again." She then slammed the door, before pulling it open again to accuse MPs of treating the country like a hotel.

Professor Angela Hernandez of the Institute for Studies said: "This is a very welcome initiative. Herding toddlers is the best possible preparation for managing both the Civil Service and the electorate."

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: "Just do whatever they say."

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