Toys: Mumsnet Best Awards winners 2011

The best toys to buy children of every age - the best toys for everyone from newborns to teenagers according to the mums who've bought, played with and tidied them up.



Winner: Winkel, Manhattan Toys
"Easy to hold" and "safe to chew", the Winkel can "be cooled in the fridge for teething". The colours are "great for visual stimulation" and babies find them "fascinating" .
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noah's arkAge 1-2

Winner: Little People's Noah's Ark, Fisher Price
"Nice and colourful", this was "enough to keep a young child busy for ages". Mumsnetters liked the "many uses" their children put this to and deemed it an "excellent first toy". 
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duplo bucket of bricksAge 2-3

Winner: Lego Duplo bucket of bricks
A "great value for money" present which is "indestructable". Reviewers saw it as an "an old staple that is always popular". It's also the one toy "they can all play with together with no sharing issues and no fights!" 
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cut and play foodAge 3-4

Winner: Wooden Cut and Play food, ELC
This imaginative toy remained popular "for much longer than you'd think". Aside from making "strange mutant fruit", older children can use them to count, while for younger siblings they're "a good matching exercise" and they're "perfect for little hands".
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lego creatorAge 4-5

Winner: Lego Creator
Lego guarantees "hours of fun" in households where "there's always some construction in progress". "The most versatile toy" which "won't go out of fashion", it "lasts their whole childhood" - "what a great invention!"
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nintendo ds liteAge 5 and older

Winner: Nintendo DS Lite
The DS Lite is "ideal for all ages" and was rated an "excellent buy" by Mumsnetters. They're "great for holidays or in the car" with plenty of "educational and fun" games available to "play alone or together" with friends or siblings.
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