Household goods: Mumsnet Best Awards winners 2011

Vacuum cleaners, slow cookers and breadmakers - the household appliances you say are least likely to gather dust at the back of the cupboard.

breville slow cookerSlow cookers 

Winner: Breville Stainless Steel Slow Cooker 
This slow cooker "does what it says on the tin". Mumsnetters thought the largest size was perfect for "cooking extra to freeze or serve the next day" as well as feeding the whole family and it was "easy to clean". It's "revolutionised my cooking" enthused one reviewer.
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miele cat and dogVacuum cleaners

Winner: Miele Cat and Dog Turbo 5000
A "reliable" cleaner, which has "so much suck I'd recommend removing all stray socks, toys, children etc from the vicinity before vacuuming". Excellent whether you have cats, dogs or just "messy children", the bags are "easy to change" and it outlasts "other cheap vacuums".  
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Panasonic SD256Breadmakers

Winner: Panasonic SD256 Breadmaker
A "mighty machine", which comes highly rated thanks to all the little extras, standing up to regular use to bake "one loaf every day or two". Crucially, the bread tastes "great", be it white, wholemeal, or a delicious "proper" gluten-free loaf for which it "gets 100 out of 10!"
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