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13 ways your mother made you feel truly loved

mum and daughter

Whether she's offering you the first chip or being a hand to hold, there's no greater ally than your mum – and when better to celebrate all the wonderful things that mums do than Mother's Day? Pass the tissues…

It's the little things


''Whenever life is difficult, I think back on all those cuddles and just lying there with my head on her chest, hearing her heart beating, feeling safe, smelling her lovely smell.''

And the odd big thing, too

crush you

''The thing I loved most about my mum growing up was when she got all indignant on my behalf when a teacher upset me. She always believed me – it's lovely being defended.''

No task is ever too great

woman on the phone

''When I was admitted to hospital while pregnant with DD2, I called my mum. When she heard my voice she asked 'What's wrong?' immediately. When I told her, she said 'Do you want me to come down?' She got off the phone and called me back in less than an hour to say her flights were booked for the following day, and she'd stay until I didn't need her anymore."

Or too small

listener “My mum was a fantastic, patient listener.”

Mums get the important things

gospel truth

''One thing that is really important to me is that she is always honest with me; she has never just agreed with me blindly or just said what I want to hear. I can tell or ask her anything, and trust everything she says, because she loves me enough never to bullshit me."

However frivolous they may seem

prom dress

“She scrimped and saved to buy me a prom dress and even paid for a hairdresser to come to the house. She had to fight with my dad to allow for those kind of expenses.”

She always knows exactly what to say

you is kind “My mum praised me – she still does. Not just a random 'You are so wonderful' but specific, really tailored praise like: 'You are amazing at that because…'''

And encourages you to ask for help

right here

“She gave me the security of knowing that I can handle whatever life throws at me. And to remember there's nothing wrong with asking for help if you need it.”

She's always got your back


“I was an embarrassing goth, and she never mentioned my hideous dress sense – she even bought me some skull-buckled winklepickers from Carnaby Street for my 17th birthday without a murmur (and doesn't bring it up, ever).”

And she's the type of person who always offers you the first chip

chips “I'd get her a bag of chips from a chippy she liked and she always offered me the first one, straight out the bag in her wee old hands with gnarled fingers. She always gave it to me. I know there's no one else on earth, apart from your mum, who would always offer you the first chip.”

Mums remember the things that make you smile the most

child eating dessert

“Mum was always there for us. Never did I feel like we were anything other than her first priority. And there were lots of little things, too – like if she had been into town, she'd buy us a Marks and Spencer trifle each.”

They think of every little detail

warm coat “Sounds silly but the first thing that comes to mind is that my mum always used to put our coats on the radiator every single morning when it was cold, so we would be nice and warm on the walk to school.”

And no matter how old wise we get, nothing really changes

gilmore girls

“I think the heart of it is the way she clearly enjoys being around me. If I go to stay with my parents, she will come into my bedroom in the morning and sit beside my bed and chat to me as I wake up, and laugh at my groggy morning nonsense until I 'come round' (I'm not a morning person, unlike her!) and then we'll talk.”