Mother's Day gift ideas to suit any budget

Leave our roundup of present ideas where the likely gift-buyer will 'stumble across' it - or use it as inspiration when choosing a gift for your own Ma this Mother's Day (Sunday 6 March)

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Something really personal

Personalised necklace Book of Mum

Merci Maman personalised jewellery, from £19

The Book of Mum personalised book, from £7.50

"I have a plain purple string bracelet from Merci Maman and I love it. It's still going strong after three years."
"This magical website creates really beautiful books. It's really easy to use and you can add your own touches, such as a photo or dedication."
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A good book (plus time to curl up with it)

Making it up as I go along A God in Ruins

Making It Up As I Go Along by Marian Keyes, £14.99 

A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson, £7.99

"I have only ever read multiple works by one author: Marian Keyes. No other style has really gripped me in the same way - a witty fusion of escapism and the realities of life as a woman!"
"I can't recommend this book strongly enough!"

"It's wonderful. She really is an incredible writer."

Traditional, but no less lovely for that

Flowers Salted caramels

Waitrose flowers, from £25

Artisan du Chocolat salted caramels, £14.99

"I had occasion to have lots of flowers delivered a few weeks ago. They came from a variety of places but the ones from Waitrose were the best; nicely packaged and they lasted a long time."

"Everything that Artisan du Chocolat do is amazing - but their sea salt caramels are spectacular!"

Posh smellies

Isle of Skye candles Molton Brown shower and bath

Isle of Skye candles, from £8

Molton Brown bath and shower collection, from £18

"They smell divine, not of sickly chemicals."

"They have a really nice scent and I find they last longer than other brands of candles too."
"I adore Molton Brown. It's not cheap, but you honestly only need about a teaspoon for a super foamy bath, and it lasts the whole bath instead of disappearing in five minutes like cheap ones do."

Fashionable AND practical 

Lionel and Lily scarf Babyproof necklace

A Lily and Lionel scarf, from £99

Mama Jewels 'babyproof' necklace, from £15.95

"I have a couple and YES they are fantastic and YES they wear well and YES you should go forth and consume."

"This is a Can't Go Wrong gift."

"Like many new mums, I stopped wearing necklaces as I didn't feel comfortable with my son pulling and chewing on them. I was given a Mama Jewels necklace in a gorgeous green colour, which is strong enough to withstand my son's pulling and chewing and is easy to clean."

Beauty treats 

Clarins handcream Olay Regenerist

Clarins hand cream, £37.50

Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir, £12.90

"My mum and grandma both swear by the anti-aging Clarins hand cream." "I bought this the other week and my husband started to quiz me the very next day on what I was using (he is so vain!). It is fabulous. I look rested. It really is quite remarkable."

Gifts that last 

Gift set from Don't Buy Her Flowers Magazines

A gift package from Don't Buy Her Flowers, from £17.50

A magazine subscription, from £5

"I bought a package for my friend and she absolutely loved it; the packaging, the contents, everything! Such a great gift idea and it lasts so much longer than a bunch of flowers would."

"A subscription to a magazine is a great idea - it's a gift that goes on and on."

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Less than £5 to spend? Budget favourites

Carmex lipbalm Barry M nail polish

Carmex lip balm, £2.67

Barry M nail polish, from £3

"Carmex is without a doubt my favourite lip balm. I discovered it about five years ago and now don't use anything else. It costs a couple of pounds from Boots and will repair lips overnight. Love it!"

"Their polishes have the best formulas and are the most chip-proof out of all my polishes."

And remember: some gifts cost nothing at all

  • "This year it would be lovely if my husband takes the day off and we can just have a family day - oh, and a cup of tea in bed!"
  • "So long as I get a kiss and a cuddle (and perhaps an hour alone to shower and paint my toenails etc, instead of trying to patrol the fights and act as a climbing frame), I'm not bothered about getting 'stuff'."
  • "I don't want presents - except for a bunch of daffodils picked from the garden; homemade cards from the kids; and coffee and toast in bed. Ahhhh!"

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