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The best advice your mother gave you

mum and daughter

Right on time for Mother's Day, Mumsnetters recall the key pieces of advice their mothers gave them; those nuggets of wisdom by which they lived their lives (or at least wished they did)

Be smart with money


''Always have your own bank account.''

''If you're going to spend money on children, make sure it's on well-fitting shoes and outdoor coats. Then it doesn't matter what the weather's like, they can still play outside".

''Always save more than you spend after the mortgage and bills.''

Treat others as you wish to be treated


“In an argument or dispute, behaving with dignity is your most powerful armour.”

“If you accept an invitation, that's a commitment. It's fine not to go, but if you've said yes, YOU GO.”

When it comes to relationships, make the right choice

earn me

''Don't marry a man who can't cook, clean or look after himself. He's expecting you to do it for him.''

“If you have children, remember they are only on loan to you for about 18 years – but this marriage is for the rest of your life. Make sure you look after it.”

“Never go to bed on an argument.”

Do your best to limit household chaos

rubber gloves

“Don't put it down, put it away.”

“Don't cook if you're angry. It'll go tits up.”

And don't forget the essentials

political equality

''Always vote. Whenever and whatever election there is. If you don't you're disrespecting the women who fought so that you could.''

“If you find a pair of shoes (or trousers) that are perfect, buy multiple pairs.”

“Take your coat off indoors or you won't feel the benefit.”

“Beware temporary solutions. They have a habit of becoming permanent.”