Planning your own funeral: what kind of ceremony would you want?


Planning ahead for a time when you're no longer here might not be appealing – but it is certainly important. Co-op Funeralcare asked Mumsnetters to share their funeral wishes and requests

In death as in life

Toasting beers

“I would like to put aside a couple of grand to go behind the bar at my favourite pub. My loved ones can gather together and drink my favourite beer all evening.”

Personal is preferable


“It’s important to me for my service to be led by someone who knew me and could give an appropriate and personal address.”

With a moving sing-a-long


“Good music is important to me – hymns that people can sing and music that is beautiful makes such a difference to a funeral service.”

Back to nature


“I would like to be cremated, and my ashes scattered into the source of a local river. That way I can pass all the places I loved on my way to the sea.”

Good cake and better memories

Good memories gif

“I want a low-key affair in an old historic stone church. Those that would like to can regale everyone with a tale or two, followed by a party with tea, cakes and scones.”

A time to celebrate

Hugging gif

“My funeral should be a celebration of my life rather than a very sombre affair. I would like my guests to all wear purple as it's my favourite colour!”

Surrounded by the things that matter

Flowers on coffin

“I want a woodland burial in a cotton shroud, wicker casket. I also want lots and lots of flowers, and to be buried with a book.”

One simple request

I'll drink to that

“I have only one stipulation for mine: no Coldplay.”

What Gransnet thinks

“I want my family to do whatever gives them peace and closure. A simple ceremony, a few flowers and some favourite songs followed by a good party should suffice.”

“I have decided that I would like to be buried with my mum and grandmother so that we can have a right old giggle, just like we used to!”

“I like the idea of returning to the earth and my body being of some use in a natural sense since I'll have no use for it, so I want a wicker casket. I'd love there to be a party after the funeral too so that my family can enjoy being together and hold each other that little bit dearer.”