How to spend Tesco Clubcard points

Tesco Clubcard

Whether you have thousands of Clubcard points burning a hole in your pocket, or you’ve got no idea what a Clubcard is – we’ve got you covered. The Mumsnet guide to the Tesco Clubcard will not only allow you to bag some great bargains, but also to rack up points that can be spent in all sorts of ways.

What is a Tesco Clubcard (and how do I get one)?

You've probably heard bits and pieces about Clubcard – but what you need to know is that it's a membership program that allows you to earn “points” when you shop, bank and fill up your car – all at Tesco, of course. In true Brucie fashion, “points mean prizes” and these points can be exchanged for a huge variety of different rewards ranging from money off selected brands to Avios airmiles.

“If you don’t already have a card and are keen to start building up your points, you can simply sign up and your card will be sent in the post.” – Sign up for your card here.

Where can I collect points?

Tesco has made it easy to earn Clubcard points. Gone are the days when you would only earn a handful of points on your weekly shop. There are now a huge number of ways to earn points – from buying a case of wine, to paying off your mortgage – but, of course, you do need to spend money to reap the rewards.

“Don't worry about losing the paper ones you get sent with your statement – you'll have a full history of vouchers on your account online.”

For a full breakdown you can check out Tesco’s point-collection page, but here are a few savvy ways to build your points empire:

Tesco shopping: instore and online

For each £1 you spend in a Tesco store, or on Tesco online, you will earn 1 Clubcard point – simple, eh? This is by far the easiest way to earn Clubcard points and is a no-brainer if you are already a Tesco shopper. Plus, with the introduction of contactless Clubcards all you have to do is tap.

At the pumps: Tesco fuel and Esso

At Tesco fuel stations you will earn 1 point for every £2 you spend on fuel (petrol and diesel). Better yet, Tesco has teamed up with Esso which means you can also earn points at Esso stations. You'll need to spend a bit more with Esso (1 point for every £3 spent at an Esso station with a Tesco store attached, and 1 point for every 2 litres of fuel if the station has no store) but it does mean you don’t have to drive out of your way to get those lovely points.

Top Tip: You can also earn Clubcard points when you shop at Tesco stores attached to fuel stations.

Filling in surveys: 100 points in 15 minutes

This one is a bit of a curve ball, but it is a way to earn points without spending any money – though you will have to invest your time. Tesco has partnered with Shopper Thoughts to help shoppers earn Clubcard points just by answering a few questions. If you have a spare 15-20 minutes you can sign up with Shopper Thoughts and earn up to 150 points per survey – the longer the survey, the more points you will earn.

Top Tip: If you don’t want to earn Clubcard points you can trade 1,000 Shopper Thoughts points for a £10 voucher to use at a selection of retailers.

Where can I spend my points?

Now onto the fun part: spending your points. Clubcard points aren’t just for saving money on your weekly shop, you can also use points to save on holidays, enter competitions and enjoy money off at restaurants – £10 off at Pizza Express anyone?

Coupons: Save money and earn even more points

Perhaps the most well-known benefits of Tesco's Clubcard are the money-saving coupons. As you earn points, Tesco will periodically offer you money-saving vouchers for various brands available in store and online. You can see all your coupons in your Tesco account (login required) but don’t feel like you have to use them – just because you’ve been offered 30% off 5 kilos of rice doesn’t mean you have to buy it. In some cases, you will be offered the opportunity to earn more points on selected purchases so it is always worth checking in before your weekly shop.

Reward Partners: Money off restaurants, tickets and holidays

“We use them for hotels and days out. Have just got Merlin passes for us all so that's a year's worth of days out sorted.”

This is where things get interesting. Most people aren’t aware that Tesco Clubcard points can be used for far more than just getting 50p off a pint of milk. They are also the most frugal way of getting the most for your money. In fact, you can earn up to four times the value of your points if you use them wisely. As an example, you can get £10 off at Pizza Express by using a £2.50 Tesco voucher (250 points), which is much more cost effective than simply using it for groceries.

Better yet, there are some amazing deals to be had on holidays and family-friendly days out. Need inspiration? Here you go!

1 Merlin annual pass: £50 worth of Tesco Clubcard vouchers

The pass, which normally costs £179, gives one person access to more than 32 attractions in the UK and Ireland. If you fancy a trip to Thorpe Park or LegoLand, your Clubcard can definitely help you out. Get one here.

Cineworld cinema tickets: from £3.50 worth of Tesco Clubcard vouchers

Fancy taking your kids to see the latest Disney film? You can easily (and cheaply) exchange your Clubcard points for a range of Cineworld tickets. You can even nab yourself some popcorn and a drink for 250 points.

600 Avios points: £2.50 worth of Tesco Clubcard vouchers

Saving up your Avios points for the holiday of a lifetime? Clubcard points can help. Every time you have £2.50 worth of vouchers, you can quickly and easily exchange them for 600 Avios points.

For a full breakdown of all of the vouchers you can receive, check out the Tesco Reward Partners page. There are loads of money-saving offers and they are updated regularly so it’s worth checking in once in a while to see how you can save.

Sign up for a Tesco Clubcard here