8 ways to save money on family holidays

Holidays are the highlight of most families' years, but let's face it: they can be pricey. However there are ways to save money without cutting back on all the fun stuff. Lloyds Bank asked Mumsnetters to share some tips

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1. Keep it in the family

"We like to organise an annual family holiday with all our grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. We book a self-catering lodge/house for a long weekend and split the cost amongst all the family. Shopping in bulk keeps the costs low, each family contributes something to a big meal on one of the nights and we all play board games."

"We often double it up with a trip to see family (they live at the other end of the country). So we save on accommodation for a couple of nights, share meals, and get to spend quality time, but it feels like a break."

2. Take care of the pennies


"We save pound coins all year in one of those tins you have to open with a tin opener as our spending money."

"Always rifle through leaflets out on display in the areas you are in - very often they have vouchers on them, which means you get a cheaper day out."

3. Take advantage of memberships you already have

"We got National Trust life membership a few years ago, so we always visit at least one of their houses or gardens to get a free holiday outing."

"We save up airline points and book our flights on points wherever and whenever we can."

"Cash in loyalty scheme vouchers to save money on attractions or meals out." 

4. Think like a local

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"Travel from the airport the way the locals do. Public transport is usually fine."

"Find the local supermarket and do your food shopping there."

"Go to places of interest rather than tourist spots - means you actually get to view other cultures and not pay expensive tourist prices."

5. Supply your own provisions

"Bringing water bottles out saves forking out on drinks (and means your children have less of an opportunity to pester you for additional treats)."

"Self-catering is really the answer, even for short city breaks. I get fed up with restaurant food anyway, so we only eat out for one meal a day. We make sandwiches for lunch or try local foods and markets."

"We usually go half-board so we fill up at breakfast and again at dinner so we don't need much in between (maybe just the odd ice-cream)."

6. You don't need to buy loads of holiday stuff

"Don't buy clothes especially for a holiday. Everyone has more than enough clothes already."

"The kids will still remember a great holiday if the suitcase/camera/clothes etc aren't the latest ones. They just want to be with you."

7. Sniff out good deals

"Check policies on charges for children and oldies. More discounts are possible than you would imagine."

"Look out for newspaper offers for holidays. There are some great deals to be had if you are flexible on dates."

"Choose a destination. Buy flights as soon as they come out. Book parking early too."

8. Save on accommodation

"We do a house swap most years. It means that we have been to some amazing places for just the cost of the flights!"

"We have a caravan, so just pay fuel, site fees and spending money. The kids love it and it means we can go away several times a year, as it's a cheap and cheerful way to holiday."

Lloyds Bank would like to thank Mumsnetters for sharing their travel tips and experiences to help others make the most of their holidays in 2016. They hope you've found these ideas useful and that you can put them to good use throughout the year. For information on travel money, insurance, and the usage of the cards abroad, click here to explore Lloyds Bank Travel Services.

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