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Yoursphere free membership offer

A whole extra month to snap up Yoursphere.co.uk FREE membership offer!yoursphere logo

Mumsnetters are being offered a whole extra month to snap up their FREE membership (£27.50 value) of Yoursphere.co.uk, the site that puts kids' safety first.

Founded by a concerned mum, Yoursphere.co.uk is the brand new social networking community that actively protects children from 'creepers' - predators targeting young people and bullies hiding behind fake profiles.

Exclusively for young people up to 18, Yoursphere is filled with dynamic social hubs called 'spheres', where children with shared interests can interact. Members can also create their own spheres based on their own nterests and passions. Yoursphere rewards children for participating, with brilliant gifts such as iPods, cinema tickets, and more.

< Using cutting-edge identity verification and content monitoring technology, Yoursphere goes further than any other site in creating a dynamic, supportive and safe environment for children. Parental consent is required, and Yoursphere verifies the identity of each parent or guardian.

Alongside this, Yoursphere.co.uk follows the child internet safety guidelines laid out in the Byron Review 2008 and carries the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) ‘Report Abuse Button’ and a direct link to Childline, offering members access to help and advice should they need it.

To celebrate its launch, Yoursphere is now offering Mumsnetters one year's FREE membership (worth £27.50) until 23 April 2009. 

Just visit Yoursphere.co.uk and use PROMO code YSUK-MUMS to join for free.

Last updated: over 3 years ago