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Why twice a week? | Young's Seafood

Youngs girlResearch shows that over a quarter of Brits don't meet UK Government's guidelines to eat two portions of fish a week.

So, to show folks how easy it can be Young's Seafood challenged Mumsnetters to take part in the Twice-A-Week Challenge.

Over two weeks our mums were tasked with testing out some new foods and making some changes to their families diets. Over 100 mums applied to take part in the challenge…

Results of the Twice-A-Week Challenge

25 mums were selected to take part in the trial. Here are some of the things they said:

Well, dinner was very successful! The battered chip shop fillets were really nice! DH and I thought they were delicious and our two-year-old super fussy DD ate almost half a piece of fish – amazing for her as all she eats is chips and raisins right now. I would definitely buy them again and can see them becoming a regular thing for tea. Bellatrixrocks


Well, DS is excited about fish! He hasn't touched fish since he was small! Bonkerz

Today we had the Young’s Chip Shop Fish Fillets with chips and salad. DS is the most fussy of eaters, but he loved these.  An all-round family thumbs up for this, and as you don't get much change from a tenner in the chip shop, £1.99 for four was excellent value. Oldsilver

Haddock Fish Fingers tonight with breadcrumbs. What can I say – I am delighted! And the dog is disappointed as he is used to getting a mashed-up mess under DS's chair when he is served fish. Fish was firm and held up well to his manhandling.  DD and DH enjoyed them also – said they had a good taste and liked the crumb. Will be buying again and will have to try the Haddock Steaks to see if I can get DS to eat these. Tibni

"The Basa fillet with cracked pepper and salt was divine; DS tried some and loved it too" MonsterBookOfTysons

Sea Salt and Black Pepper Fillets were yummy. I could really taste the salt and pepper coating - but not in an overpowering way. I will definitely be buying them again. DD had the Jamie Oliver Brilliant Fish Fingers, which she declared were 'truly scrumptious'. Marmitemaid

The Basa Fillet with cracked pepper and salt was divine, and my DS tried some and loved it too. Definitely buying those again. What I am really enjoying about this trial is how low the calories are on the fish I have eaten! Much lower than with meat. As I am dieting it makes a big difference, and it means I think I will be buying fish more regularly. MonsterBookOfTysons

The trial has opened our eyes to new products that we've really enjoyed so I think we will be eating fish more often now. Popoozle

Watch the video below to see how Mumsnetters got on with Young's Twice-a-Week challenge


YoungsNew research commissioned by Young's has found we are falling short of the recommended government guidelines for fish consumption.

Everyone knows the importance of eating five fruit and veg a day but just two in 10 are following guidance to eat fish twice a week. Fresh or frozen, fish is an essential part of a healthy diet for the whole family.

Nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton says, "There are so many misconceptions around fish that these findings are no surprise to me. Many of us still consider fish as a luxury and rather expensive, difficult to cook or too boney, but there are some really easy-to-cook and affordable options out there."


Do we want and need more fish?

YoungsThe nationwide research reveals 57% of people wish themselves and their families ate more fish, yet households with teenage children are the least likely to adhere to the healthy diet guideline.

We're all familiar with the problems of introducing new tastes and foods to children, but surprisingly 48% of British families do not need to encourage their children to eat fish since their children already like it. And if they're not fussed about fish, there's no point in trying to disguise it in on their plate!

A fifth of parents say the best course of action is to encourage kids to eat fish by explaining the benefits of a healthy diet. You're never too young to appreciate real "brain food"! Fish is packed full of vitamins and nutrients – particularly Omega 3, of which fish is one of the best natural sources.

Carrie Longton, Co-Founder of Mumsnet, says, "We all know about the importance of eating more healthily. As we've got used to '5 a day' for fruit and veg it's good to know we should all be aiming for our families to enjoy fish twice a week and that's why Mumsnet are joining forces with Young's to help spread the message."

Jamie's a fan of fish too!

Jamie Oliver has launched his own frozen fish range - Jamie Oliver by Young's – and it's already converted more than 100,000 new fish fans. He's created simple, delicious recipes that make fish meals accessible and affordable without compromising on the environment. The fish used in Jamie's range is responsibly sourced, and frozen within a matter of hours of being caught, which locks the flavour and natural nutrients into the chunks of fillet.


Last updated: over 3 years ago