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Reward your little stars

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Win a LEGO® bundle worth £100

Give the kids a pat on the back with something new for playtime.

Whether it's a reward for doing their violin practice, or a hearty well done for making a school sports team - sometimes an unexpected treat is the perfect way to praise your DC. So why not say it with an exciting LEGO® toy?

With hundreds of sets to choose from, and prices starting from just £2.99 - LEGO® makes a fantastic gift for so many occasions and is an affordable way to show you've noticed an enormous effort or impressive achievement. 

As you read this, 30 lucky UK Mumsnetters are testing out using LEGO® as an alternative reward. We will share their feedback with you soon - in the meantime, here's what MNers have already had to say about using them...

"Good idea for a longer lasting alternative to food/screen time treats especially in the holidays."

"I never realised LEGO® had such great value sets available. We try to reward little and often, so to give them something they love so much but is affordable would be great." 


"DS has just been given a very special LEGO® set as reward for stopping to bite and pick his fingernails. It was becoming a huge problem and the reminder of the reward plus his love of LEGO® motivated him to stop -took him about three months." 

"I usually end up rewarding DS with food related treats and it would be great if I could reduce those and offer something like this. Not only would it reduce the amount of treats he is getting and help his diet but offering LEGO® would aid his creativity through play."

"What a fab idea. I've never even thought of using LEGO® as a reward!" 

"It might seem pricey to give it as a reward but I love that it lasts aaaages and can be multiple different things, therefore extending its shelf life - so for us, as money is tight (as with most people) it makes more sense in the long run." 



WIN! Three lucky Mumsnetters will win a LEGO® bundle worth £100!* To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the question below. 

*Winners will be able to choose the LEGO® products they would like from a select list, adding up to the total £100 LEGO® prize bundle.


Competition closing date: 4 September 2015







Last updated: over 3 years ago