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Quick, easy, appetising and nutritious – this is what most parents want from a family breakfast food, particularly for your little ones and older children who need a healthy start to their day.

It can take time to find out what types of food - and at what consistency - your child likes most. And time, on your average weekday morning, is what's in short supply, what with getting yourself plus children washed and dressed, packed lunches made, stray belongings found - and all against the clock.

For more than 75 years, Weetabix has been helping generation after generation of children to stand on their own two feet.

So it's reassuring to know there's one option that makes breakfast time a whole lot easier and gives everyone in the family all the goodness they need - Weetabix wholegrain wheat cereal.

Mixed with warm or cold milk, Weetabix can be crumbled and mixed to a creamy, smooth consistency that's perfect for children. It's low in fat and sugar, fortified with vitamins and iron, and free from artificial colours. No wonder it's the number one breakfast cereal for under-fives.*


As your growing child gets to grips with different tastes and textures, try adding less milk for a thicker, crunchier treat. Alternatively, add a couple of teaspoons of fruit purée or yoghurt to make a tasty treat for your children, at any time of the day.

For older children, fresh fruit, such as pieces of apricot, strawberries or slices of banana, can be used to make funny faces - and add Vitamin C and potassium to all the goodness of Weetabix.

Weetabix is a great breakfast option for toddlers, children and parents, which means the most important meal of the day is wrapped up for everyone. Result!

For more information about Weetabix, including nutritional information and serving suggestions visit Weetabix.co.uk.


Mumsnetter's top tips to a relaxing (or less manic at least) breakfast

We asked you for your top tips about making your morning routine ever-so-slightly-more manageable - here's a selection. 

  • "From the age of two everyone is able to carry their own bowls or plates from the table to the kitchen - which saves me a job. No-one is allowed to speak to mummy till she has had coffee unless they are bleeding." whomovedmychocolate
  • "We have completely media-free mornings now, and that's made a massive difference. Before when we had cartoons on DD would be glued to the screen and would refuse to do anything else." FreudianSlippery
  • "Mummy eats breakfast first. That's our house rule. I can't function without brekkie, and DD1 isn't usually hungry straight away." Bumperlicioso
  • "I find I need to have 5 minutes to sit in relative peace to have a cup of tea to function well. Everyone has their favourite breakfast which we tend to stick to rather than experimenting much." AlmaMartyr
  • Weetabix"I set aside a low cupboard for cereal and kids crockery/cups. So from a young age they could pour themselves a bowl of cereal, add milk and get going by themselves on breakfast." CointreauVersial
  • "We have a disco breakfast, normally starting out with 70s funk to unload the dishwasher - then we might move onto a bit of rock to get cereal out, then finish with a Glee-type rendition as we chomp away reading magazines as we do." withagoat
  • "Have something special in reserve for those mornings when the monsters wake up in a bad mood. Pancakes is normally a weekend treat but I make spares and keep them in the freezer to be produced with a flourish to brighten up a revoltingly grumpy school morning." Scootergrrrl
  • "I NEVER let them eat in their clothes, always still in PJs!" Anonymousbird
  • "My girls are four and two. They like to 'help' prepare breakfast with me. They are less inclined to eat if they haven't been involved in the process. Breakfast is always at the table, although assorted stuffed animals tend to join us as a compromise." PuzzleRocks
  • "I think the secret is to allow enough time. If you try to eat breakfast while you're racing about, it will never be a relaxed business. I get up and showered before the children wake up so we have time for a leisurely breakfast even on a school day." yousankmybattleship


Kantar Worldpanel. Number of individual meal occasions for 0-5 year olds in the 12 months to May 2010.

Last updated: over 3 years ago