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Get weaning with Kenwood


logoWeaning your baby is an exciting (if sometimes messy) time as a parent, particularly if you're weaning for the first time. 

It's important to ensure your baby is introduced to a balanced diet through a gradual process – milk is followed by smooth purées, which gradually gets thickened into mashed and chunky textures, and on to whole pieces, once your baby starts chewing. 

That's why Kenwood offered Mumsnetters the opportunity to trial one of its blending products while weaning their baby, in return for feedback about their experience. 

One hundred Mumsnetters received one of four Kenwood products:

  • Mini Chopper CH180
  • Triblade HB724
  • Triblade HB711
  • Food Processor FP260

Over the past few weeks they've been letting us know how they've been getting on, and what they've learnt.

Mini Chopper CH180

The Kenwood Mini Chopper, RRP £19.99, is ideal for preparing home-made baby food. Small yet efficient, the Mini Chopper takes the hard work out of repeatedly cleaning your blender as it's compact and quickly dismantles.  It has two speed controls and the processing bowl and blade are both dishwasher proof for added ease making it both parent and weaning friendly!

Available at John Lewis, Amazon, Tesco.com, Lakeland, Argos and House of Fraser





Triblade HB711 

The HB711 Triblade Hand Blender, RRP £29.99, includes the Triblade wand, which has a third blade that works through the pan quicker, a 'Big Foot' base which allows larger volumes of food to be processed more quickly, preventing any messy splashback, as well as a handy 75ml beaker with a convenient lid for simple storage.  

Available at John Lewis, Tesco.com, Amazon, Comet, Currys, Debenhams and Argos.

Triblade HB724 

Kenwood's comprehensive, multi-purpose Triblade HB724, RRP £64.99, can tackle a variety of jobs. With its precision three blades not only does it take the mess out of blending but its variety of functional attachments take the strain out of making baby food. Attachments include:

  • A unique Kenwood masher, which makes light work of mashing a pan of potatoes or root vegetables
  • A chopper handy for fiddly chopping
  • A whisk attachment

 Available at John Lewis, Debenhams, and Argos.


FP260 Multipro Compact Food Processor

The FP260, RRP. £99.99, is a stylish, space-saving and functional food processor. The powerful 750w motor boasts a unique patented Dual-Drive system and the machine comes complete with a 2.1 litre bowl and 1.2 litre liquidizer – making it ideal for blending lots of baby food!

The FP260 also has slicing/shredding and whisking attachments and are easy to clean with its dishwasher safe parts. 

Available at Amazon, Argos, Currys, and Tesco.com


For more information on any of the products trialled or any other Kenwood products please go to www.kenwood.co.uk or call 02392 392 333.

Mumsnetters' top five weaning tips

  • To make puréed baby food, just make what you're cooking for yourself and then put some in a blender for the baby with some milk or water if necessary – but don't add any salt! thetoothfairy1
  • Freeze puréed food in lidded ice cube trays - all you need to do is heat up a cube or two when it comes to meal time. If you're going out for the day, pop a couple of cubes into a lidded dish in the morning and then they'll be defrosted by lunchtime. BelleDeChocolateFluffyBunny
  • Don't bother investing in an expensive, padded highchair. A simple, plastic and easy to clean one will be far more valuable. fruitstick
  • Stock up on muslin clothes and baby wipes before you start and have them ready at each meal, putting a plastic sheet under the high chair too. Inzidoodle
  • It's important not to get stressed! Try to enjoy weaning because, above all else, you're beginning to define your child's relationship with food and eating. AitchTwoZone

Baby eatingMumsnetters' top five weaning recipes   

  • Don't buy baby porridge if you have a mill attachment on your food processor, instead just grind normal porridge into powder and use this for baby. pavlov
  • Make a batch of easy cheese sauce which you can freeze in ice cube trays to use as and when.
    • 275ml/10floz whole milk
    • 25g/1oz plain flour
    • 25g/1oz butter
    • Place all ingredients into a saucepan and whisk continuously over a medium heat until it simmers, then turn the heat down and whisk until smooth.
    • Take the sauce off the heat and stir in a couple of handfuls of grated cheddar cheese until melted into the sauce. bicnod
  • Thick haricot bean soup.
    • Soak the beans overnight, then boil them up.
    • Add the beans and the water they were simmered in to fried onion, garlic and carrot.
    • Add a tin of tomatoes, tomato puree, and some herbs.
    • Purée and freeze in ice cube trays.
    • For grown ups – season, and add some chorizo. jessica789  
  • Blend sweet potatoes, smoked mackerel and red onion – this has all the fat, protein and carbohydrates that baby needs. frekkles
  • Mumsnetters' most popular recipe? Banana and avocado puree. It has everything in it for a balanced diet and is easy to digest. SirBoobAlot


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