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Episode three: Delicious and nutritiouswaitrose new

Waitrose have been working with Mumsnet to produce a web TV series; demonstrating that quick and tasty culinary achievements can be an everyday feature in your kitchen despite the trials and tribulations of family life.

Throughout the series we'll be offering you inspiration for your ingredients from Waitrose executive chef Neil Nugent and insights into gastronomic goodness with nutritionist Moira Howie. We'll be covering everything from how to take the stress out of Sunday lunch to reviving love for the lost art of baking.

Everyone knows the benefits of eating 'five a day' but ensuring a day-to-day variety of fresh fruit and veg in your family's diet isn't always that simple. How can you get your kids to eat five a day if it's a struggle to get them to eat one? This week's episode showcases how home-made soups that are a quick and easy option to pack in the nutrients with an array of flavours and textures.

Fancy having a go yourself? Here's the recipe and list of ingredients you'll need.

Thanks for submitting your hints and tips on this week's theme. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Put fruit and veg into cakes. Muffins can be made with anything from turnips to bananas. bronze
  • Planning.
 Try to think ahead and balance the number of red meat/veggie/fish/other meals you're having per week according to your interpretation of what's healthy for your family.
 Have (preferably home-made) jam on tap - I'd rather see the kids with a slice of bread and fruity jam or a home made jam tart than a biscuit or crisps, and even the healthiest kids can rebel at carrot sticks and apples as snacks sometimes.
My favourite stab at healthier eating is a vinaigrette or herb vinegar dressing on potatoes or veg rather than butter. Snigger
  • I put beans into casseroles (blend them first to make them into a paste) to get the extra protein into foods - this also thickens casseroles so you don't have to add wheat or other stuff. whomovedmychocolate

You can view the full thread here and congratulations to Lisad123 who has won £100 of Waitrose vouchers. Enjoy!

Looking for more recipes? Why not check out the Recipe Library at www.waitrose.com for more delicious ideas from the Waitrose food team.

We'd like to say a final thank you to our featured Mumsnetters, MyNameIsJane and HolyMoly – you were absolute stars and we're glad you enjoyed the experience!

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