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Waitrose web series

Waitrose: The Everyday Kitchen

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Waitrose have been working with Mumsnet to produce a web TV series, demonstrating that quick and tasty culinary achievements can be an everyday feature in your kitchen despite the trials and tribulations of family life.

Throughout the series we'll be offering you inspiration for your ingredients from Waitrose executive chef Neil Nugent (right) and insights into gastronomic goodness with nutritionist Moira Howie. The series will cover everything from how to take the stress out of Sunday lunch to reviving the lost art of baking.

This week's episode is Everyday Dishes

Despite your best efforts planning the family's meals for the week, how can you avoid the last-minute supermarket dash and buying ingredients you don't really need? Here's a healthy, no-nonsense, quick-win dish using fridge leftovers without compromising on taste or quality.

Here's the recipe and list of ingredients if you fancy having a go yourself.

Thanks to the Mumsnettters who submitted hints and tips on this week's theme. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Lentils lentils lentils, stretch most meals further. Can also be substituted with beans or chickpeas.
I very rarely don't have carrots and onions in so if I have nothing else I fall back on carrot and lentil burgers- chop up carrot and onion, boil lentils and cook carrot and onion (you are meant to cook them in oil separately but I am often lazy and chuck them in with the lentils) mash it all together with seasoning, fresh parsley and any other herb/spice you want, add porridge oats or breadcrumbs to bind, form into burger shapes then grill. My kids love them. Claireybee
  • These homemade chicken strips work well every time, despite the suspicious looks from visiting children who can't believe they can be any good if they don't come out of a packet.
Cut up chicken breasts into strips (I bulk buy and freeze, esp when Waitrose have those large bags on special offer!). Beat an egg in a shallow bowl. Put a couple of tablespoons of plain flour into another shallow bowl and add 1/4-1/2tspn each of celery salt and cayenne pepper (I think that's how much - I just shake randomly) and mix. Dip each chicken strip in the egg then the flour, and shallow fry in a large frying pan in olive or sunflower oil.
 Serve with mash or chips plus veg and, of course, ketchup. Soop
  • Our super quick fave meal is:
pack of prawns (I buy when on special offer, and then freeze, and cook from frozen). Heat through, add tub of crème fraiche, add frozen peas, stir round till hot, snip chives in, and add black pepper.
 Serve with pasta, or if really pushed for time, thai rice noodles. CMOTdibbler

Browse all the tips and congratulations to Lisad123 who has won £100 of Waitrose vouchers. Enjoy!

Looking for more recipes? Why not check out the Waitrose recipe library for more delicious ideas from the Waitrose food team.

Last updated: over 3 years ago