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Win £500-worth of B&Q vouchers with Valspar

Introducing Valspar paint - available exclusively at B&Q. With over 200 years' experience in paints, stains and coatings, and the ability to create any colour without compromise, Valspar is the perfect partner for any room makeover 

Watch the video to see how Mumsnet vloggers got on with Valspar Paint...

A true believer in keeping your imagination alive, Valspar knows that your home is an expression of who you are. So go ahead, be bold and make a statement. If you can't find your perfect shade from the pre-selected paints, why not create your own unique colour? Valspar can literally match any colour your eye can see - that's around 2.2 million shades. Whether it's a picture or an object, Valspar will match the colour and mix it for you. You can even name it yourself for when you need to find it again. 

250 Mumsnetters were asked to try Valspar Premium Walls & Ceilings Paint. Here's what they had to say...

"I found it wonderful to be able to choose from any colour I wished." 

"You can tell which is the Valspar and which is the cheaper paint. The finish is really good and it covered the walls very easily. My husband and I were impressed."

"It was the best quality paint I've ever used: it went on smoothly, it was thick and good quality, the colour is amazing and it has made my room look fantastic."

"It covered quite a dark wall in just two coats, very little odour and the finish is great."

"I would definitely use the paint again - I'm already thinking about which rooms I'll paint next."

"The colours available are endless and the sheer quality is matched by none. Valspar will be my number one paint from now on."

"I'm going to pick up a tester pot for the hallway next time I pass B&Q! That gets a lot of traffic and always seems to be covered in dirty fingerprints, so if it can be scrubbed on a regular basis it'll be perfect."


Colour that's practical and easy to clean

Ah, children - they love to make a good mess, even if it's at the expense of your walls. However, they may have just met their match.

Valspar Paint can withstand even the toughest parts of daily living, thanks to its great durability. So, even when little mucky hands, coloured crayons or even lipstick go astray and mark-up the walls - fear not, Valspar paint can maintain its colour, even after hundreds of scrubs. 

That's the great thing about Valspar Paint: you can easily wipe away mishaps without leaving any trace of scrubbing. 

Visit the Valspar message board to read about some true horror stories!


Colour that's easy to apply

Valspar Premium Paint is an all-in-one paint, primer and undercoat, making it super-easy to apply onto your walls. It doesn't splatter and covers effortlessly, so it's ideal for any planned revamp. Whether you're adding a spot of colour to your kitchen, transforming your master bedroom, or adding some extra sparkle to your child's walls - get ready to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. 


Last updated: about 2 years ago