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Unum Income Protection survey | Unum

Most of us manage to get by on our monthly wage with some savings for a rainy day, but what would you do if you became ill or were injured and had to stay off work for a long period of time?

This is where Income Protection comes in.

Unum specialises in providing Income Protection through the workplace, and are committed to helping the UK's workforce get a back-up plan.


The really useful financial insurance tool


Take a look at our easy-to-use tool to find out which insurance might be right to protect you and your family.

Working after cancer

As many as 63,000 people living with cancer today want to work, but are encountering barriers that prevent them because the right support isn’t in place for them or their employers. Maggie's aims to help.

What is Income Protection?

Did you know 11% of people have to take sick leave for six months or more*? This is where income protection comes in – it's a back-up plan that provides a replacement to your regular income.

Financial Q&A with Unum

Unum invited Mumsnetters to send in questions on financial protection as part of a sponsored Q&A. See the answers here. 

What did Mumsnetters say?

Unum invited over 1,000 Mumsnetters to fill in the survey, to see just how much of a back-up plan they had in place in the event of a prolonged illness or injury – or not, as the case may be. Check out the results in this interactive graphic.

Employee benefits

How much do you know about employee benefits? Would you know how to bring up the issue at work with tact? There's information here, and useful PDFs on how to broach the subject.

Do you know your Income Protection from your PPI?

 Recently, PPI has garnered a lot of attention in the media. Unum sells Income Protection – find out how it's completely different to PPI here and see a handy PDF explaining insurance jargon.

Modern workforce

Things have changed a lot in 30 years. Take a look at this infographic and see just how much Britain's workforce has evolved – and how benefits for employees haven't.