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Garnier UltraLift and Davina McCall meet Mumsnetters to launch the UltraLift Challenge

On May 22, nine lucky MN panel members attended the press launch for the Garnier UltraLift Challenge and had an exclusive chance to grill its brand ambassador Davina McCall on her skincare and beauty secrets, and how she manages to maintain such (according to one MNer) "glossy hair and fab skin!" 

So, here's the report from the MNers about their day, and how Davina responded to their own questions, as well as questions from the Talk boards. 


Davina's top tips for making skin look great

When asked what her top tips would be for making sure your skin looks its best, Davina offered the following:

  • Try to avoid the sun, smoking, and alcohol 
  • Sleep is essential (though we know it's not exactly the smallest ask, especially when you have young children!) 
  • Moisturise your skin really well every day, and don't forget your neck 
  • Smiling can make all the difference 


Davina and Garnier UltraLift

One MNer asked Davina why she used Garnier UltraLift, and her reply was because it gave her skin a noticeable radiance, felt lightweight and smelled lovely.

Davina also mentioned she'd been using UltraLift for five years, and said she genuinely likes the product, adding that she would never endorse something she wouldn't use herself. And while she does use other products, the MNer said Davina seemed to genuinely love UltraLift. 

Why does Davina love UltraLift? 

"For me UltraLift is like a glove that fits. I like the smell and it gives me that dewy youthful glow. That is why I love it!"

Why does Davina believe in Garnier's UltraLift Challenge?

Davina believes in the UltraLift Challenge because she uses the product and likes how it leaves her skin feeling soft and glowy. However she does not believe in telling people what they should or should not do. Her suggestion is that if you would like to try something new for a long enough period to see if it works, then join the UltraLift Challenge.

The challenge is a great opportunity to try UltraLift for FREE and it is easy to do. You just need to score your wrinkles against Garnier UltraLift Wrinkle reader, use your 14 free samples (each sample has enough product for your face and neck) and once all 14 samples have been used you just score back your wrinkles and see if you notice a difference.

Davina's daily skincare routine

How do you find a skincare routine you can keep up with? Davina's advice was that it's just like cleaning your teeth - you just have to get on with it, every day.

As for her own personal routine, Davina told the MNers that her grandmother was a big inspiration to her, as she maintained a solid skincare routine night after night of applying cold cream to her face and neck (Davina showed the Mumsnetters a photo of her grandmother, and they reported that she looked "fantastic"!)

So, learning by example, Davina now follows a similar routine, applying UltraLift night cream to her face and neck every night.
The secret to her night routine is to kick-it off 45 minutes before going to bed as she has a bath where she cleanses, tones and moisturises her skin.

Attitude to skin care

When asked about her attitude to skincare, Davina replied that she spent her 20s largely doing nothing to protect her skin from damage - which included smoking, and sunbathing. But, by the time she became a working mum in her 30s, she realised that she could offset how tired-looking her skin was starting to look by paying greater attention to her skincare routine.

And while she adds that she's never tried to look younger than she is, she's keen to look the best she can for a woman in her 40s.

Final impressions

The Mumsnetters really enjoyed meeting Davina, and liked how honest she was with them. They agreed that Davina has a real passion for skincare and particularly in protecting her skin from the sun. and takes care in protecting it from the sun. For this reason as well as endorsing Ultralift Day, Night and Eye cream, she also sponsors Ultralift Day cream with SPF 15.

All in all a great afternoon with plenty of chatting, UltraLift and afternoon tea!

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