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Mumsnetters test-drive the new Toyota Rav 4

Eight Mumsnetters tested the all new Toyota RAV4 and filmed their adventures.

With the all new RAV4, growing up doesn't mean you have to lose your spirit of adventure. Responsive and agile, it was born for exploring, making this the perfect family car for everyday adventure.

Eight Mumsnetters took the RAV4 for a test drive and got up to all kinds of adventures. Watch the video below to see how they got on.



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What Mumsnetters said about the RAV4:

  • "It's a gorgeous looking car, really sleek and I like to think I was getting admiring glances...It is such a comfortable ride. The driver's seat is entirely electronically adjustable and is a bit like sitting in a massive, supportive armchair." RavMore
  • "Anyway, we absolutely love our RAV4 so far. We also have the Diesel Icon and are finding that it's handling everything we throw at it. In fact my husband is now getting seriously attached to it, which is fine as we were thinking about buying one anyway." MmeGuillotine
  • "We took the RAV to Blackpool (around 100 miles away) It was a joy to fly up steep banks at 70mph (no more than that, natch) with very little effort. It is a really smooth drive, we don't want to give it back. We also took it to a Roman fort yesterday. It handles beautifully and my kids love it." goldenretriever


Last updated: over 3 years ago