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The all new 7 Seat Verso

We asked Mumsnetters and their families to take part in a two week extended test drive of Toyota's new 7 seat Verso and tell us how they got on. Here you can see the full video of the test drive and read the feedback and get a feel for what Mumsnetters really think of the new Toyota Verso.

When it comes to practicality, the Verso is a mum's best friend. Its Easy Flat 7 seating system makes switching between a carload of school friends to a boot full of buggies, a breeze. In fact, with 32 different seating combinations, it's more flexible than any other MPV. Thankfully, that doesn't mean it compromises on style and with a sharper, sleeker design, this car creates a powerful presence both on the road and behind the wheel.

Watch the video to see how they got on in the test drive


To read about how Mumsnetters got on click here for the feedback thread.

What Mumsnetters have said about the new Toyota Verso

  • "The car looks great and we were proud to be driving it today."
  • "Just home from a weekend away - driven 160 miles today and don't feel like it at all. Such a comfortable car."
  • "This car is definitely on the 'to be considered' list for when we upgrade our current car."
  • "It fit an incredible amount of our holiday luggage in (a week caravanning in Cornwall) and I could still see out the back window. Bonus. It was lovely a comfortable drive (about an hour and a half) much smoother than my previous diesel, and I'm still stupidly excited about 6th gear!"
  • "First time since ds was born (3yrs ago) that we've been able to go on a trip out in the same car when my parents are visiting."
  • "Before I got the verso a week and a half ago I would've said I was pleased with my CR-V, apart from it not having enough seats but I got in it today to move it and it felt so clunky & heavy (& ahem, dirty) compared to the Verso. The verso is just such smooth and easy to drive."
  • "I did like the car so may consider Toyota in the future."
  • "7 seats, brilliant! Loads of room in the car."
  • "Quite a lot of boot space"
  • "I've never seen a car with a built-in coolbox, so it's just fab."
  • "600 litres of compost and 1 child, with room for 3 more and 2 adults."
  • "It was a nice drive too, it was lovely, smooth, it's quiet for a diesel, 2 litre engine so it really went."

Last updated: over 3 years ago