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Toy Story

Bring all your favourite toys home in this must-have addition to every movie collection when smash hit Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3 bursts into living rooms on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital Copy.

With Andy heading off to college, the fate of his childhood toys is in turmoil and they soon find themselves in chaos as they arrive at their new home, Sunnyside daycare centre.

A host of new faces, including Ken, Lotso and Big Baby, join in as Andy's pals embark on a turbulent journey to find their way back.

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Toy Story Toy Story Toy Story
Includes Blu-ray™, DVD
and Digital Copy!
Includes Blu-ray™ and DVD!  


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We asked Mumsnetters to regale us with their must-have Christmas toy horror stories. Make sure you avoid a Christmas nightmare this year by taking home a copy of Toy Story 3.

When Toy Story first came out, the number one Christmas present was Buzz Lightyear, but of course, everywhere had sold out. My brother-in-law lined up for hours at the shop to get one for my nephew, as they were getting new stock (in but only a limited number.) So when the shop opened, he went running in with all the other crazy parents and couldn't believe his luck to actually get a Buzz. He was so sure his son would be so happy when he unwrapped the special present on Christmas morning to find the best surprise present ever. What he didn't know was, there was a film crew there filming the mad shopping scene. The scene was being shown on a breakfast show - the same breakfast show my nephew was watching! So that kind of ruined that surprise... kid

My mum and I queued for hours to get my sister a Cabbage Patch Kid when they were just out over here. It was pandemonium, as they were all different, and everyone wanted one that had the same colour hair as their child, or with a similar name or date of birth! Two weeks after Christmas, my sister left it in a restaurant. We went back five minutes later, and it had gone. There was no way my parents could afford to replace it, and you just couldn't get hold of them anyway. Cue one heartbroken six year old. For her 21st birthday, I bought her a new one, she still has it 14 years later! twirlymum

My step-daughter was a huge fan of the Tellytubbies and I was prepared to buy any one of them for her - except there were none to be found at all! I naively left it very late thinking that there would be at least one left over somewhere...but there wasn't. So what did I do? I made one. Hand sewn from fleecy red fabric, she was a right state. Her face was embroidered by my mother-in-law, but luckily my step-daughter was too little to notice. She loved her "Faux-Po" as we called it - and it lasted for ages despite being a bit dodgily sewn and well hugged nightly. We did manage to get some other "real" Tellytubby stuff though! ForMashGetSmash


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