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Road safety for kids

(Now with added zebras!)

Remember the classic road safety campaigns from your childhood? Campaigns like the Green Cross Code man, Be Safe Be Seen and the Tufty Club remain fresh in people’s minds, decades after they were first seen. Now Texaco has developed a new, equally memorable campaign: Hector, the boy with a particularly peculiar imagination. Everywhere Hector goes, he sees strange and kooky things beyond the imagination of most kids his age. He sees a cross, cross-eyed zebra and a yellow-spotted millipede, he even chats with a talking telepathic helmet. And what's great is that wherever he goes, and whatever he sees, there’s always a strong road safety message in every adventure.

Hector and his friends appear in an exciting DVD and an innovative children’s website, www.hectorshome.com

Fadoodlewallabops! Free DVDs

Parents can pick up a free DVD of five Hector adventures when they make a fuel purchase at their local Texaco garage. These have been developed in association with Aardman Animations, the Oscar-winning animation company that gave the world Wallace and Gromit. Each episode focuses on one road safety rule.

Belt up in the car
Always wear a cycle helmet
Always cross at zebra crossings
Wear bright coloured clothing
Learn the meaning of road signs

There are also five wickedly cool glow-in-the-dark stickers to collect when you fill up – kids can stick these to their bags and coats to help them be seen on dark winter mornings. Hurry, DVDs and stickers are only available while stocks last.

Hiccuping heli-chopters! Hector’s online
In addition, Hector has been brought to life online. Explore his amazing new website at www.hectorshome.com

Aimed at 6-10 year olds, the site reinforced the road safety messages in the DVDs in a playful and interactive way. Children can explore the site in complete safety, meeting Hector’s friends and collecting fun objects along the way. They can also play games, watch the DVD and customise their own room area.

Road safety is a key aspect of the site. That’s why, to explore it fully, children will have to complete various road safety tasks, such as deciding the safest way to cross a road, or making sure a character is wearing a seat belt.

Creeping crisp packets! Competition time
Another important feature of the site is the Super-duper Story Creator located inside Hector’s school. Kids can create their very own Hector storyboard and then enter it into an exciting competition to win a trip to the Aardman Animation studios*.

Exploring the site is easy and fun (provided you have a broadband connection). To get the most out of it, make sure you turn your speakers up and enjoy everything Hector’s Home has to offer.

Innovative new road safety campaign for children
Free DVDs and stickers available in Texaco service stations with a fuel purchase,  while stocks last
Exciting children’s website www.hectorshome.com just launched

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Last updated: over 3 years ago