Teach Your Granny to Text

We're thrilled to tell you about Teach Your Granny to Text, the children's sequel to Change the World for a Fiver. Change the World for a Fiver, you may recall, was the bestseller produced by the global social change movement We Are What We Do. Its aim is to inspire people - in this case children - to use everyday actions to change the world. Their maxim is: small actions x lots of people = big change. It's not rocket science but it does work.

The 30 actions in this book are fun and easy for your children to do, but will add up to making a big difference and giving them responsibility for changing the world, one bit at a time. Here are just a few to get your children started - and one to encourage them to come up with their own action.


There are some people who hardly ever smile.
You could call them grumpy-lumps.
We call them challenges.
It's amazing what can tickle somebody out of a grump – a joke, clowning about, bodily functions.

Make somebody smile (For no reason in particular.)

Like dogs, grown-ups get cranky when they stay indoors all day long.
Unlike dogs – who walk an average of 676 miles a year – dads walk just 197.
Keep them off the furniture. Take a grown-up for a walk.

Reasons to grow your own food.
It's easy!
It's free!
It's amazing!
No wasteful packaging!
No supermarket queues!

This year sales of vegetable seeds overtook sales of flower seeds for the first time since the war. Take a seed. And make a dinner. (Warning: dinner might take slightly longer than usual. You will have to find a container, fill it with soil, find a sunny spot and water it every day. You might want to have a snack while you wait…)

If a friend was being bullied you could wait for someone else to do something.
If your school wasn’t recycling you could wait for your Head to do something.
If the planet was heating up you could wait for the government to do something.
Personally, we hate waiting.

Speak up. Change your world. Starting today.

New stuff comes in nice packaging. It smells good and has fancy tags.
Old stuff doesn't. It's flat from being at the bottom of your bed. Or smelly from being your favourite football shirt.
It's full of holes. And you've earned every one of them.

Love your stuff. To bits.

There are over 400 million unused toys in homes across the UK.
Unused. Unloved. Under the bed.
It doesn't have to be this way.
Give away old toys to family and friends.
Take them to the charity shop.
Drop them at a recycling centre.
Make something new out of them.
Love your toys. And when you're done lovin', set them free.

Oh thank goodness you're here. We've been waiting for you, watching the clock.
You see we're one action short of a complete set. And it's the most important, because it's yours.
So. What's the one thing you would ask one million people to do to change the world?
Tell us. And we'll tell them (the million people).

If you'd like to see the whole list of actions then why not order your own copy? We reckon it beats anything with batteries for a Christmas pressie.

Last updated: about 3 years ago