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Teachers Assurance


Savings and investments for your family

Teachers Assurance encourages busy parents to think ahead to what you could make from your money. Find out more below about Teachers Assurance savings and investments for children. You can discover how, by saving a little now, they'll be able to afford the things you want them to have in the future. (Tax rules apply. Capital at risk.)


Win £800 shopping vouchers of your choice

Teachers Assurance is giving away a fantastic prize to one lucky Mumsnetter: £800 worth of gift vouchers for a company of your choice. 

How Teachers Assurance can help your family

Teachers Assurance has been helping families with their savings, investments and insurance for over 135 years. Discover how this UK-based mutual Society can help you think ahead to what you could make from your money.

Parents reveal their savings habits

Research conducted by Teachers Assurance shows that children are on their own when it comes to future finances with only 38% of UK parents stating they are currently saving on their child’s behalf. Source: Teachers Assurance

Mumsnetters give their opinions on saving for children

In November, Teachers Assurance encouraged Mumsnetters to share their opinions and experiences on supporting their children financially. Parents were asked how they felt about making provisions for their children's futures, teaching their children about saving and giving money as gifts on milestone birthdays.

Watch a Q&A with mums and their children

Teachers Assurance invited local mums and their children to their Bournemouth head office to ask them about their savings habits and what they want for their future. Their differing ideas for their futures were rather surprising.

Learn how to invest for your child

Investment experts agree that if you want to invest in stocks and shares for your child, start early and take advantage of any tax breaks. Busy mums and dads: let Teachers Assurance guide you through the ins and outs of investing on your child's behalf. (Tax rules apply. Capital at risk.)