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Product test feedback

TalkTalkWe asked 20 Mumsnetters to try out and give us their feedback on the TalkTalk TV, Kids Boost and YouView box. Here's how they got on. 


First impressions

1. What was your overall impression when it arrived?

  • I was impressed by the delivery service, texting and e-mailing to let us know when the box would be delivered. The system was well packaged and easy to unpack. It looked impressive. boobellina
  • I was surprised at how small and neat the box is. It looks good. It was also delivered extremely swiftly. Really great first impressions of the box itself. KittieCat

2. What was the set up like?

  • The box was very easy to set up, I had it up and running in about 20 minutes. autumnmum
  • I set it up. The wiring was pretty self-explanatory and the tuning was just a question of pressing the OK button. Very easy. LastOrdersAtTheBra

3. First thoughts after using it?

  • The feature that we really like is the mobile app which we have used to record things when we are out and about, this is brilliant. boobellina
  • Catch up TV has changed my TV viewing forever I think! KittieCat
  • We think it's great, the recording is fab, and pausing live TV is so useful! The library is great, it's so useful to have so many kids TV programmes just seconds away without having to remember to record anything. Mumtochops12



Follow up questions

1. What do your children think of the programmes on offer on Kids Boost?

  • My children like the programmes on there, particularly Jessie. BiscuitsandBaileys
  • Kids boost is good, my son (four) has enjoyed some of the new programmes we didn't previously have access to, but he has really loved the films more than anything. We can catch up with TalkTalk and watch them any time. KnottedAnchorChief
  • Love them, the catch up and on demand facilities are great. TwoMuchTwoYoung

2. Which programmes have you most enjoyed watching on TalkTalk so far?

  • We watched Now You See Me, and paused it a few times for coffee etc. Taffeta 
  • I love watching the One Born Every Minute series and my husband likes to catch up with the football. TheBreastmilksOnMe

3. Will you continue to use TalkTalk TV?

  • Yes absolutely. I really like the functions and freedom it gives. I love being able to pause what I'm watching and being able to let the kids watch the programmes they love. TheBreastmilksOnMe

4. Would you recommend TalkTalk TV? 

  • Yes, if they were looking for a tv package. The price seems very competitive and it's easy to select the titles you particularly want, rather than paying a monthly fee for titles you're not necessarily interested in. whattodoo
  • I would recommend it. It has a good range of programmes, the catch up function is brilliant and it's not too slow and it's not freezing for us. gottasuckyourbloodandsmile
  • I would recommend as a cheaper alternative to Sky. TwoMuchTwoYoung


Last updated: over 3 years ago