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Internet safety tips from Mumsnetters

In honour of Safer Internet Day on 11 February, TalkTalk activated its whole home online security system, HomeSafe. Exclusively available for TalkTalk customers free of charge, HomeSafe protects your whole home online through every device connected to your TalkTalk broadband. We asked Mumsnetters to share their tips on keeping the family safe online, here's some of their advice on internet safety.


1. Turn the volume up

  • Turning the volume up is one hint when leaving small children entertained by an internet device as you will be able to hear any changes to the intended activity. DoctorGilbertson

2. Use passwords

  • We protect our tablets and laptops with passwords and our seven-year-old daughter knows which sites she can visit. maxpower
  • I have an eight-year-old son, and an iPad, like others I have passwords for iTunes and the iPad itself. He is only allowed on apps I purchase, so I get to screen them to make sure they are suitable. I group them together in a folder so he can go straight there and not click on anything else by mistake. ladygoingGaga

3. Talk about online safety

  • My top tip is to have an open dialogue with your children from a young age. That way (hopefully) they will come to you if there is anything they are unsure about. Now they are getting older it is really important to discuss things like cyberbullying. Their school has a good e-safety section on the website and I know they are getting good advice there too. Theimpossiblegirl
  • The most important way of protecting your children is helping them to learn to look after themselves by telling them that people may not be who they seem. We have shown our son news articles, he is 12 years old now. beeelaine  

4. Keep access restricted

  • My son is seven, and our tablet allows different profiles so he doesn't have internet access. His only access is on the family PC, and he has to ask to change websites from the one an adult has approved. If he wants to watch things on YouTube, an adult must be watching. CMOTDibbler
  • The use of the computer and tablet is limited to watching YouTube videos of science stuff or videos of computer games. My son is never allowed to watch or use online sites without a parent watching. No online activity without adults present. The tablet has a profile specifically limited to certain apps and with no access to buying Google Play store stuff. I can add or remove apps as necessary. unadulterateddad

5. Supervise internet usage

  • When my son and daughter started using the internet it was under supervision, restricted and later always on a downstairs computer that we could walk past regularly and check what was being done. flamingtoaster
  • We keep all internet enabled devices downstairs in full view of everyone to help limit any inappropriate use. Hopezibah
  • We have always taken the approach of keeping internet use in family spaces so we can see what they are accessing. Now they are older we do trust them to take the laptop into their rooms. The internet is just the same as real life, you have to trust them to make good choices based on what you have taught them. popperdoodles

6. Use a security system

  • My husband uses a 'log-me-in' system to randomly check on what our son (13) is doing. I take a less 'techy' approach by looking at the search history. Willemdefoeismine
  • We have HomeSafe via TalkTalk. It's easy to set up and is great, I'd totally recommend it. We also keep a close eye on the children when they are using iPad. EddieReadersglasses
  • My daughter has a cheap tablet which I have restricted with an app from Google Play to restrict the apps etc she has access to. YouTube is accessible, but with the security parameters set as high as possible. In order for the tablet to access Google Play (and YouTube for that matter) I have setup a Google account, linked to my own account and for which my children do not have the password, again with strict security parameters. Paleodad
  • I'm with TalkTalk for broadband and have HomeSafe set up. My younger children can only access the internet in the same room as me. Tortoise
  • I have an Android phone and use a child lock app (Kids Place if anyone is interested) to block his access to anything other than YouTube. BobaFetaCheese



Last updated: over 3 years ago