Plan UK - Sponsor a Child

Plan UKIf you have a spare £15 knocking about at the end of the month, you could use it to make a dramatic difference to a child's life.

And Plan are the people who make it happen, pioneering child sponsorship almost 75 years ago. As a result, over 100,000 people in the UK now sponsor a child through Plan. Children are at the heart of their work to help end poverty, and Plan use the money you give to help provide them the skills and the knowledge they need to make the most of their lives.


Why sponsor?

Here's what some Mumsnetters have said they really like about child sponsorship:

"I can actually see what the money is doing for my child and the local community."

"I currently sponsor through Plan, and have been sponsoring a little girl called Fatimah in Indonesia for six years. It really brings it home that your money is making a difference to real people, not just statistics." 

"I find Plan's focus on children compelling as I'm convinced that by helping the most vulnerable members of a community benefits that community as a whole."

If you chose to sponsor a child for £15 a month, not only will their lives transform, but so will yours, as you help provide the child's community with safe, clean water and nourishing food, as well as healthcare and education. So you'll be touching not just the life of a child, but their family, friends and their neighbours as well. 

Find out how to sponsor a child today

"It is actually incredibly rewarding sponsoring a child - you just get so much back."

See what else this Mumsnetter had to say about how her life changed after she decided to sponsor a child, how her daughter's gotten involved, and what it's like knowing how your £15 a month is changing someone's life. 


What sponsoring a child can mean for your family

Several Mumsnetters really liked that sponsoring a child is something that they can get their own kids involved with. 

"It gives my daughter a very direct, personal insight into what life is like for a child less fortunate. She can see the benefit of giving, and knows that we help another child of her own age who doesn't have all the advantages that she does. Talking about poverty or charity in an abstract way wouldn't have the same effect."

"My son loved seeing photos of the girl we sponsored and knowing that he was helping make a positive difference to her life."

"We have been sponsoring a child in Tanzania for about five years now, and because we had young children it seemed a way of supporting projects and education in a way they could relate to. It's been an experience my children have got quite involved in - they write letters and sent pictures, etc, to the sponsor boy who is a similar age to them, and get replies back."

Thanks to the child you're sponsoring, you and your family will gain an amazing insight into their community and see first-hand how your money is being put to very good use.


How it works - the Plan you can see in action

Sponsor a child

The child you sponsor will be your window into another world. Right from day one, you can build a unique one-to-one relationship. And over time, you'll watch them grow and see how your support is helping to change their life and the lives of those around them.

Your Welcome Pack
The first thing that happens when you start to sponsor a child, is that you'll receive a Welcome Pack, which has a photo and details of the child you're sponsoring, plus information on the project you'll be funding where they live.

Getting in touch
If you would like to, you can send your own personal messages to the child you sponsor, and received messages in return which will inspire you and your family. Some sponsors even go and visit to see the results of their generosity for themselves.

Community volunteers
Plan work alongside nearly 70,000 community volunteers who collect and translate the materials from the child you're sponsoring. And these volunteers ensure they remain accountable to you, the children and their families too.

No matter how you choose to get involved, you can be sure that it will be a deeply rewarding and fascinating experience for the whole family.


Last updated: almost 2 years ago