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Meet the Speedo Sea Squad!

The Speedo Sea Squad is made up of fun filled characters which are here to help inspire children to swim. With a love of the water, the Sea Squad all have different skills and interests that will capture your children's imagination!



Tentacle boy

Sea squad

Bubbly baby

Sea squad

Dive boy

Sea squad

Move: The Vortext Vanish
Accessory: Armbands
Speed: Slow but stylish
Likes: Practical jokes
Dislikes: Sprouts

Move: The Double Puff
Accessory: Swim seat
Speed: Non-existent
Likes: Floating
Dislikes: The cold

Move: Loop the Loop
Accessory: Minikick
Speed: Rapid
Likes: Diving underwater
Dislikes: Crabs

Shark Girl

Sea squad

Octo Miss

Sea squad


Move: Loop the Loop
Accessory: Dive ring
Speed: Lightning
Likes: Being a superhero
Dislikes: Having her fins pulled


Move: The Vortex Vanish
Accessory: Armbands
Speed: Slow but stylish
Likes: Her bright costume
Dislikes: Bedtime              



Last updated: over 3 years ago