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Speedo's The 'S' Factor competition

Olympic champion swimmer Rebecca Adlington and her mum Kay have teamed up with Speedo to launch 'The S Factor' competition inviting kids to create a new member of the Sea Squad team – a new friend to join Tentacle Boy, Shark Girl, Bubble Baby, Dive Boy and Octo Miss.

Get your child to paint, draw or squiggle what they think the new Sea Squad team member should look like, and you could be in with a chance to win a pool party and the opportunity to see your child's creation come to life. 


Meet the Speedo Sea Squad!


Click here to learn all about Speedo's Sea Squad, a team made up of fun filled characters which are here to help inspire children to swim. With a love of the water, they all have different skills that will capture your children's imaginations. 

Rebecca Adlington on swimming

Rebecca Adlington

Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington is passionate about kids learning to swim, as Speedo always has been. Watch Rebecca talk about why swimming is so important, and about Speedo's Learn to Swim programme. 

Water safety tips

Water safety

Playing in and around water is so much fun when you know how to be safe. Click here for Speedo's essential water safety advice for at home, the beach, by the pool, and at rivers and lakes.

Three stages of Learn to Swim

Learn to swim

Swimming is an essential life skill for children to learn, not only for their own safety but also for their development – and the younger they are when they start out swimming, the easier it is to learn. 

Have a chat with Kay Adlington


Ever wondered what it's like to be an Olympic champion's mum? Now's your chance to find out in this Q&A with The S Factor judge and mother to Rebecca Adlington, Kay Adlington. 


Sea squad swimming toys and aids


Swimming toys and aids are a great way of helping your child learn how to swim, but in a fun and safe way. Speedo's Learn to Swim range offers products to support your child at each stage of swimming development. 


Rebecca Adlington video on the three stages of Learn to Swim


Speedo's three stage Learn to Swim program is full of fun activities to support you and your child. Whether you have a newborn baby, or an adventurous junior, this is the place for you. 

What parents really think about swimming


Ever worried that other parents take their kids swimming more than you do, or that their kids are more confident in water than yours? You're not alone! 

Why swimming is great in winter


If you thought swimming was just a summer sport, think again. Aside from being a great indoor activity, swimming provides a whole host of health benefits to get you through those winter months. 

Kids Fun Zone

Sea squad

If you can't make it down to the pool today, keep the kids entertained in Speedo's funzone, an online playground full of fun swimming-based games and activities.