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Wearing sunglasses has always been considered cool but their main purpose is to protect your eyes from the sun. Isn't it handy that they make you look good as well?


Specsavers kids' prescription sunglasses have special lenses which cut out some of the sun's rays to help protect your eyes, and the good news is there's lots of great styles to choose from. Young faces vary in shapes and sizes, so the collection reflects this with all styles covered. From trendy plastics to metal frames with adjustable nose pads, the range even includes mini aviators.  


Glare aware

When it comes to having fun in the sun you know about protecting your skin with sun cream, but do you know how much the sun can damage your eyes? We wear sun cream to avoid getting sunburnt, so we need to know how to protect our eyes from the sun too.

The sun's damaging power is increased when it reflects off of shiny surfaces like glass or the sea.
Spending lots of time in the sunshine without wearing proper sunglasses can increase the chances of having problems with your eyes when you grow up. Sunglasses shield your eyes from damage as the lenses act like a force field, preventing the sun's harmful UV rays from penetrating the glass. The darkness of the lenses also reduces the brightness of the sun so you don't feel you need to screw up your eyes.



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