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Be safe, be seen

Specsavers is on a mission to ensure that kids stay safe on the roads as the days get shorter and it gets darker earlier. 

Visibility is key to road safety. Everyone on the road needs to ensure that they have good eyesight to be able to see everything going on and, in turn, they need to ensure they are visible to everyone else on the roads too. 

This winter, Specsavers stores nationwide are donating high-visibility waistcoats to school children in their local communities. There are 200,000 up for grabs so look out for donations near you this winter and, if you are given a waistcoat, make sure your child wears it.

The national giveaway is part of the Drive Safe campaign which is run by Specsavers to ensure all road users' eyesight is up to scratch. Everyone should have an eye test every two years to help keep their eyes healthy and make sure they can see clearly, and this is most important for road users. As all of us use the roads at some point, even if just to walk along a pavement or to cross to the other side, we all have a part to play in road safety.


Last updated: over 3 years ago