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Look after your child's eyesight

Good vision is essential to a child's development as so much of what they learn is taken in through their eyes.

When your child is born, the paediatrician will check their vision when they are still in the hospital ward. It is very rare for there to be any problem with a newborn's vision. A newborn's eye is about 75% of the size of an adult eye, and it will continue to develop for the first two years of life. 

Specsavers advises that children should have their first eye examination at around three years old. They do not have to be able to read - the optometrist has lots of other fun ways to test youngsters' sight. They will use techniques suitable to your child's stage of development and are able to assess whether a child needs glasses without having to ask the child any questions. There are special charts for young children who don't know their alphabet and opticians also use shapes, picture books and other materials to help them indicate what they can see and how clearly.

Children will have regular vision screenings as part of their routine developmental checks and though invaluable, are not as thorough as a test by an optometrist. Learning difficulties can sometimes be caused by uncorrected vision problems, so the earlier they can be detected, the better the chance of correcting them. What's more, at Specsavers the test is designed to be friendly and fun for kids of all ages.


Last updated: over 3 years ago