Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

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Mixing action figure toys and video games in a brand-new, innovative way of playingSkylanders Spyro's Adventure offers players the chance to embark on a fantastical journey using more than 30 characters to explore mysterious new worlds, battle enemies and solve fiendish puzzles. 


A new way to play

Expand the story by collecting each of the fun toy figurines, which can be beamed directly into the game using the unique Portal of Power™, placed on top of the console. Then bring the characters to life in a battle to save the world. 

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure makes gaming even more fun, allowing players the chance to connect to the game across variety of different consoles, including handhelds, mobiles and the internet.

It's a brand new way to play games, bridging the gap between toys and video games, by introducing action figure toys that become fully interactive and dynamic within the game. 

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The journey


The story is an action-fuelled adventure, invented by Toy Story writers Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, which puts the player in the shoes of the Portal Master who must control the characters, including our favourite fire-breathing dragon, Spyro.

The player ventures out on a journey into an amazing world to explore mythical lands, collect gold and treasure, solve puzzles, and battle against menacing creatures while on a quest to save the world from Kaos, an evil Portal Master. 

Special features

From co-operative play to toys with brains, plus the opportunity to explore vivid, unique environments, Skylanders Spyro's Adventure has something for everyone. 

  • Interaction figures 
    Over 30 characters are available to collect, each with their own unique and expressive personality, powers and abilities, providing distinct advantages and skill sets for various levels, obstacles and enemies - depending on which one you're using.
  • Toys with brains
    Each of the interaction figures has its own memory, capable of remembering what a player has done, including the gold collected, the abilities improved and statistics levelled up. 
  • Categories, strategy and collectability 
    Every individual interaction figure has its own element classification - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and more - plus each has their own heroic challenges, which become unlocked for playing as more characters are collected.
  • Fun with exploration
    As the tale unfolds, players will find themselves exploring unique, vivid environments, each with its own distinct look and feel, and each providing different challenges, puzzles, as well as exciting hidden elements like secret areas, rewards and mini-games. 
  • Co-operative play
    Players can join forces with their friends and drop in and out of each level with as many different character interaction figures as they like. Co-operative play lets players work out different strategies together, as they select their favourite characters to work together to bring down obstacles, hazards or enemies. 
  • Player versus player
    The classic battle mode lets players face off against each other one-on-one, in a variety of game modes and maps, each one with its own obstacles, hazards and, of course, power-ups. 
  • Toy cross-platform capability
    Available on Xbox 360®, PlayStation® 3, Wii™ and Nintendo 3DS™, as well as on a variety of mobile devices, Windows PC and the web.



Introducing Spyro, Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt... 

Spyro Trigger Happy Gill grunt


Trigger Happy

Gill Grunt

A strong-willed dragon, who is young at heart, Spyro is fearless and brave.

Trigger Happy is more than his name, it's his solution to every problem.

Gill Grunt is one fish that never lets evil off the hook


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