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Sainsbury's tasty meals on a budget

Sainsbury'sSponsored by Sainsburys

Cooking something comforting, healthy and budget-friendly all at once can seem like a bit of a steep ask at times. So Sainsbury's has come up with some clever tips on how to use its basics range to make great meals that tick all the boxes – without bringing you out in too much of a culinary sweat.

Sainsbury's freedom foodYou can, for example, take a fair whack off the overall cost of your weekly shop just by replacing branded products with Sainsbury's basics versions – and you won't have to compromise on taste or quality. There are over 700 great staples in the Basics range, from Fairtrade bananas to Freedom Food accredited salmon – and 200 of those only cost 50p or less.

Foods in the basics range are free of hydrogenated fats and artificial flavour enhancers. And you can see their nutritional content at a glance by checking the handy traffic-light labelling system on the front of every product. (There is also selection of household essentials, such washing-up gloves, toasters and kettles, in the basics range.)

So, if you fancy cooking a comforting Honey-roasted Vegetarian Risotto or Baked Fruit-and-Nut Parcels, or having a go at Jamie Oliver's recipe for a classic winter-warmer Beef Stew with Herb Dumplings, click on the selection of basics ingredient recipes below to find out just how well you can eat on a budget with Sainsbury's.


Tasty recipes to make with Sainsbury's basics 

Jamie Oliver
Click here to see the recipe for Jamie's Beef Stew with Herb Dumplings



Top tips from Mumsnetters for budget-friendly shopping

We asked Mumsnetters for their best advice on saving money while food shopping. Here are some of our picks.... 

"Always keep flour and some butter for baking in the fridge. When your fruit starts to turn, just shove in in a crumble and no-one will know any different!" itshappenedagain

"Plan ahead to use leftovers from every meal. For instance, leftover stew, or vegetables and potatoes will make a pastry pie for the next day. Leftover bolognese makes a fab lasagne, and leftover chicken from a roast can be made into loads of things!" DinosaurRumpus

"Pad out meals like chilli, bolognaise and soup with lentils or beans. It's all protein and loads cheaper." Jareththegoblinking

"Keep a list of what is in the freezer. Use blank sheet of paper in plastic sleeve and a whiteboard marker. Write down what is in there, then wipe it off when you use it. Keep the list near the freezer and use it when menu-planning." feetheart

"The worst waste are the forgotten vegetables that go furry in the bottom of the fridge, so I find that I need to prepare them as soon as I get them home, or at least that evening when DS is in bed! For instance, things like carrots get put into ziplock bags, some peeled, cut up and frozen, some left for immediate use." moonbells

Some info about Freedom Food: Sainsbury's basics range includes RSPCA Freedom Food approved salmon, and British and Irish Red Tractor certified beef

Last updated: over 3 years ago