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Rugby Star launches pasta sauce to help kids try more vegetablessacla one man with sauce
Former England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio is teaming up with the famous Italian Sacla’ family to create an exciting new range of pasta sauces, which can help the whole family to eat healthily.
Lawrence Dallaglio OBE, 35, has been working with his father, Vincenzo, to perfect the authentic taste of the sauces, which will carry the Dallaglio by Sacla’ name, when launched all over the UK later this year.
Mr. Dallaglio Snr. has always been an enthusiastic cook and passed on his passion to his son, who is also a keen cook at home with his wife and three young children near Richmond, Surrey.
The Dallaglio by Sacla’ range will launch with three sauces, including Tricolore, a herby tomato, mozzarella and basil sauce.
Sports Nutritionist, Roz Kadir, said:“This sauce is a great one for all, particularly growing children. A pasta dish with this sauce and some added mozzarella cheese and coloured vegetables can provide a good balanced meal providing some protein, carbohydrate for energy and a way to get kids to eat more vegetables.”
Lawrence Dallaglio commented: “This partnership is a marriage made in heaven. The Italians have a fantastic tradition of family values and fine food preparation, things that my family and I value. As a sportsmen and the proud father of three active children who eat a balanced diet, it was important to me that these sauces tasted great, but were also a healthy choice for a family meal.
The other sauces in the range are Bolognese, a Barbera wine-rich classic Bolognese sauce and Diavola, a fiery garlic and chili tomato sauce, which is big on flavour and high on heat.
Kadir continued: “For those looking to eat healthily,  these sauces are  ideal - They  make a good vegetable complement to a pasta dish and with some protein make up a nutritious meal. If you are looking to get the maximum health benefit you can cook these sauces with wholegrain pasta to benefit from complex carbohydrates which provide release energy into your body slowly to help keep you going for longer – Great for keeping alert at your desk or providing a good energy reserve for sports or at the gym.”
 UK’s Sacla’ Managing Director, Clare Blampied, added: “The Sacla’ and Dallaglio values are what makes this such a strong partnership. We both share a deep respect and love for authentic Italian food. Vincenzo’s background and interest in ingredients and cooking, Lawrence’s passion and commitment, and our knowledge and expertise have combined to make a powerful partnership. It’s been a joy helping the two families co-operate so closely on the birth of this exciting new brand. Watch this space; this is just the start!”
Vincenzo said: “It’s been a tough job but, as they say, someone has to do it! I must be honest and say it’s the best job I have ever had!”
The Bolognese sauce contains 76% tomato and it is a great addition to a meal where calories count without compromising on taste.  Bolognese is delicious when traditionally cooked with minced beef or pork but remember to cook off the meat and skim the fat if you are following a low fat diet.  Alternatively use lean minced chicken or turkey and add some brightly coloured vegetable to get a balanced meal.

With the added benefit of being low in salt, this sauce is an ideal way to spice up a meal.. 1/3rd of a pot contains the equivalent of one of the government recommended 5 a day vegetables with the added benefit of containing some red wine which may protect against heart disease.

The Diavola contains over 60% tomato bursting with antioxidants and is low in saturated fats. It contains some omega 6 oils so if eaten with an oily fish and brightly coloured vegetables would provide a great meal for anyone who loves a spicy kick. A great meal can be produced by adding some cooked sliced carrots as so the flavour can be drawn out to producing a flavoursome dish rich in beta carotene which is converted to Vitamin A in the body, a useful and important vitamin in our diets.

Not only does it taste great but it contains chilli and garlic. Chilli contains a phytochemical called capsaicin. A study at the University of Tasmania showed that regular chilli consumption helped control insulin.
This is usesacla two men with sauceful for weight management and for some diabetics.  Garlic is good for thinning blood and improving gut health.

The Dallaglio food heritage dates back to his aunt and uncle, who both ran fruit and vegetable markets in Piemonte’s Turin.
Lawrence and his father have travelled backwards and forwards to the Sacla’ family business based in Asti, also in Piemonte, founded 70 years ago by Signore Secondo Ercole, to offer their views on the initial range of the three sauces.
Sacla’ is well-established as the brand leader in Pesto sauces with a 53% share and has established a global reputation based on its commitment to producing fine foods with fresh ingredients, based on traditional Italian recipes.
The new range of sauces will be available from supermarkets from 15th September.
For further information, please contact Tara Mallett or Nazia Ahmed on 0207 096 5814 or email tara@stuart-higgins.com / nazia@stuart-higgins.com

Last updated: over 3 years ago