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Be Selfish


Why have we called the campaign 'Be Selfish'?

The idea for the Be Selfish campaign actually came from a group of Mums. Back in 2009 we asked our customers (who happened to be Mums), what they would like more of, and the answer was universally 'more time to ourselves please', not because they were unhappy being a Mum, or a wife, or a colleague but because like all of us Mums really benefit from spending time out focussing just on them, you know where you shut the door, and have a bit of peace and quiet, with no interruptions.

However, we also discovered that simply 'taking time out' was easier said than done. We commissioned a survey that found the average British women spent 21 years of her life looking after other people, and only three years on herself; statistics like these highlight the reasons why:

Running errands, looking after the house and shopping for the family took up 19 years, three months, and four days in the average women's lifetime.

  • Looking after children and the daily ferrying to after school clubs and swimming lessons accounted for a further one year, nine months and eight days.
  • 11 hours were spent cooking for the family each week, equating to almost four years of a women's life spent up close and personal to her cooker.
  • Not that Mums were complaining BUT the effects of all this running about were not pretty with 63% of Mums reporting regular 'boiling over' outbursts (normally at the nearest family member).

Radox coined a phrase for these little eruptions - Vesuvius Syndrome - where everyday stresses built up and up to the point where it all boiled over. Radox wanted to help Mums beat this by facilitating 'time out', and so the 'Be Selfish' campaign was born.

Over the last two years we've teamed up with Kathy Lette to write a waterproof book that Mums could read in the bath, we built a Selfish Sanctuary that Mums could win for a bit of selfish pampering - and in October 2010 we teamed up with Mumsnet to sponsor the book club giving away free books to enjoy.

Isn't 'Be Selfish' taking it a bit far though? Why not simply say 'take some time out?'
There are many words nowadays that carry slightly different meaning than they used to. Wife, mother, partner, women - all these have slightly different connotations than they might have even a generation ago. It's the same with selfishness. In our opinion nowadays it doesn't only mean 'at the expense of others' like it used to. It just means looking after yourself, getting a breather from your busy schedule. Doing something you like to do.
A bit of time out guarantees a stronger, calmer more effective and efficient you - surely that can only be a good thing.

Why have you focused on reading?
Reading was something that all the Mums we talked to shared a love for. It allowed them plenty of opportunities to snatch a small snippet of time to quickly finish a chapter, or a couple of hours to totally switch off and escape into the story.

Why did Radox choose these specific books?
The current batch of books was chosen by Radox to offer a mix of different genres - all were good sellers amongst women and we hoped they'd be popular with Mumsnetters. We know that not everyone likes reading the same books, and that the stories and authors might not always be everyone's cup of tea, but this is something we can always address in the future, after all the Be Selfish campaign is not over yet.


Bring in the spring with Radox

It's April, the clocks have gone back and the Easter bunny is almost here - but have you managed to take that time out for yourself yet, or are you still running around at the speed of light juggling everything at once?

A recent survey by Radox found that most mums can juggle an average of four tasks all at once (natch). But even the most skilled mistresses of multitasking think that 24 hours in a day still isn't enough, with 88% of mums surveyed wishing that they had an extra hour in the day.

All Steamed Up

Radox recognises how important it is for mums to stay energised and motivated, so make a fresh start in 2011 and start as you mean to go on by taking an hour out of your day for some Be Selfish time, whether it's taking a long soak in the bath tub or curling up on the sofa with a fab book to get a bit of well-earned escapism. 

As part of its Be Selfish campaign, Radox is sponsoring the Mumsnet Book Club, and in April is giving away All Steamed Up by Kathy Lette, a special water resistant book that Kathy wrote for Radox and dedicated to 'stressed women everywhere'
Kathy Lette explains her decision to join the Be Selfish campaign and write the novella: "When Radox approached me to write a water resistant book which women could read whilst letting off steam - literally in a bubble bath - it resonated with a theme I've often addressed in my books i.e. that being selfish and taking time out for you is so much cheaper than a divorce or a nervous breakdown."

'All Steamed Up' is a comedic take on all those Vesuvial moments in a woman's life, from pregnancy to the agonies of childbirth, the mind numbing tedium of looking after small children and the chaos of trying to juggle kids and career without dropping anything - to the indifference of busy husbands and finally the ironical heartache of empty nest syndrome. The story finds Katie Love escaping into a bubble bath and talking to the tap as the only way to stay afloat.

So now you have no excuse but to settle down in a hot bath for an undisturbed hour of novel bliss (cup of tea/glass of wine optional).

This April, claim your free copy of All Steamed Up by Kathy Lette. 

*1000 women were polled by Markettiers 4DC

Claim your free novel for your selfish reading hour

Download your 'I'm having my selfish hour' door hanger

Radox pamper packWin! A set of indulgent bath smoothies 

It's April, and summer is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome in the warm weather than by indulging yourself in a soothing home-spa experience. To help, Radox are giving you the chance to win a one of five sets of bath smoothies in some yummy scents. To wrap up Radox's Be Selfish campaign, five Mumsnetters can win a set. Click here for your chance to win.


 Radox uncovered


And now a few things you might not know about Radox....

    • The Radox brand first appeared in the UK market as a salts foot bath that 'RADiated OXygen' (geddit?) but it wasn't until 1960 that fragrances, colours and herbal extracts were added.
    • Then, in 1970, Showerfresh was launched with the clever hooked bit that means you don't have to stoop to pick it up off the shower floor.
    • Today, Radox Herbal Bath bottles are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), which can be widely recycled in most council collection bins along with soft drink and water bottles. Plus, Radox Handwash Refill Pouches use 75% less plastic per ml of product than a normal Radox Handwash bottle. This means that instead of buying a bottle every time, just refill, reuse and refill again.



Vesuvius Kathy Lette


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