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Christmas with a baby

Many thanks to all who sent in suggestions and tips to maximize the chances of having a happy Christmas. Here they are!

  • If it is your first Christmas with your baby, talk to your partner before the event and agree which traditions you want your children to inherit from each family and which new ones you want for your own family. Don't wait until Christmas morning to find out that you have very different visions of how to give the baby a perfect Christmas! (stealthsquiggle)
  • With babies and toddlers, buy a small Christmas tree and put it on top of a high table or shelf - with no trailing cables or lights. It's the safest option. (micra)
  • Order takeaway for Christmas dinner. We had a lovely Chinese crispy duck when our daughter was six weeks old. Great food and then hardly any washing up. (Karen999)
  • If in laws are coming for Christmas, let them do the work and don't feel guilty. Take the opportunity to gets lots and lots of sleep! (copperfieldcanary)
  • Stick on a silly hat and go with the flow - who cares if you eat the turkey at 10.30pm? (callmeovercautious)
  • Make the most of them not being able to ask for all the latest gadgets. At least they won't be disappointed in your present, in fact they won't even be aware of having presents. They won't care that Christmas lunch was either a takeaway or was burnt. (wrigglejiggle)
  • For young babies buy a colourful helium balloon for Christmas. It’s cheap and it will fascinate them for hours. (ShellyR)
  • Christmas with babies is lovely - at one and the same time you feel you're doing Christmas as a family, but, in reality, they don’t make much difference. With a baby, if you time it right, you can still sit at the dinner table and indulge.  If you’re starting to find adult Christmases a bit tedious and samey,  gaze adoringly at your baby and think ahead about Christmas with a toddler, Christmas with a four year old...etc. (hatlady)
  • Get out of the house! Even if it’s just a walk around the block.... fresh air is essential. (DanJARMouse)
  • Get someone else to cook and organise everything the night before. Make the most of it because the year after no doubt the baby will be jumping all over the place, pulling the Christmas tree down & spreading food up the walls. While they can't move they’re bliss. (whenscoobygotstuckupthechimney)
  • Create a books wish list. At this age they won’t really know it’s Christmas, so take the opportunity to build up a little library to take you through the next few years. Make the list really long so that relatives and friends still get the fun of choosing something. Amazon has a fantastic facility for creating a wish list and inviting people to look at it. (Rebechuana)
  • Let the kids play with the paper (as long as it has no tape or ribbons attached.) A bit of eaten paper really does no harm and you will drive yourself mad trying to prevent it. (whomovedmychocolate)
  • Either use having a baby as a great reason why you can't have the inlaws to visit / can't travel 6 hours up the country to visit long lost relatives / spend any time with obnoxious nieces and nephews;  or use having a baby as a great excuse why you really need to go and visit people / have people stay with you, so they can do all the boring washing up etc and giving you loads of time with your baby. Or so they can help with the childcare and give you and your partner some time together. (wrigglejiggle)
  • Accept age inappropriate gifts for your children with good grace and immediately put them on a high shelf so they can play with them later, once they've got over the excitement (or when I decide that a chemistry set is a good idea for a two year old, whichever comes sooner). (whomovedmychocolate)
  • Take a photo of your kids playing with or wearing presents from special friends or relatives and then write on the back of the photos as a thank-you note. (FairyontopoftheChristmastree)
  • Try and be organised on Christmas Eve, so you at least get some sleep before everyone wakes you up at silly o'clock. (pucca)
  • My one-size-fits-all-occasions top tip when dealing with children of any age? It's never too early for gin. (Intergalacticwalrus)

Last updated: over 3 years ago