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Pedigree® event day at Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition

20 lucky Mumsnetters had the chance to attend an event day at the Waltham® Centre for Pet Nutrition to learn more about dogs' nutritional needs. Here's how they got on...

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What was your overall impression of the day? 

"I absolutely loved the day - I loved seeing all of the happy pets. I did want to bring all of the beagles home but I realise that may have been frowned upon!" 

"The whole day was very well organised, the centre absolutely beautiful and the staff really engaged in what they do." 

"Brilliant! Loved it! If I was 20 years younger it would have inspired me to work there." 

What did you learn about pet nutrition and behaviour in general? 

"I learnt the extent to which nutrition affects pet behaviour - I found it all very interesting." 

"It was interesting to find out they produce vegetarian dog food in India as dogs can cope without meat in their diet, but cats have to have meat in their diet."

"A lot! How much research they do on the different life stages of pets and different breeds and how the nutrition changes. I learnt that the condition of dogs' teeth can have a negative effect on their behaviour and that dogs are really good at hiding if they're in pain." 

"I saw animal research in a whole new light because of this visit. The animals were all really happy and we were assured that any who didn't thrive in the centre were rehomed rather than being kept there."

What did you learn about Pedigree® and did anything surprise you?

"Yes! I heard that the food is fit for human consumption but never 100% believed it - the staff have to taste test the food. (We were asked but I was more than happy with the human food available.)"

"If Pedigree® discover something that will improve pet health they share it with their competition!"

"It was good to find that the actual meat content is higher than the packaging would lead you to believe."

Did the event day change how you felt about Pedigree®?

"Yes, it really did. The most important fact was the discovery that the meat content is actually more like 30-60% rather than the 4%, which it says on the can, and which pretty much all of the websites and TV shows slated it for."

"The whole company revolves around the idea that every pet deserves the right nutrition/care and it shows. The atmosphere at the centre is something I have never come across in a workplace before and I want to work there."

"I understand more about the science behind the food now and have seen everything they do is in the best interest of the dog rather than their profit margins."

Are you more likely to consider feeding Pedigree® products to your dog(s)?

"Absolutely! We are on the food trial and have just about completed the switch with the puppy concerned. We have had no problems with the switch and the pup loves the food. I am also going to move my other two onto the Pedigree® system."

"Yes, definitely. Lucy, my Staffordshire bull terrier, is already on the feeding trial and loves it."

"Yes, definitely. I know it's a brand I can trust and I know how much the people who make the food want the very best for pets."

Are you more or less likely to consider recommending Pedigree® products to other dog owners?

"More likely - I was so impressed by everything about the centre and the care given. I loved the staff and the way they really care."

"I would definitely recommend the company now, whereas before I would have told people to stay away."

"I've already recommended it to a couple of people since I got back, so yes I will be recommending Pedigree® products."

Amongst the 20 Mumsnetters who attended the event, four of them were also Mumsnet Bloggers - here's their feedback on the day...

"All in all what I got from the day is the overwhelming message that Waltham/Pedigree® are trying their very best to create a better world for pets - they really are feeding the good." Team Stokey

"The one thing that shone through on the day is the passion from all involved with Pedigree® which makes the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition a place to believe in." Daily Brew Reviews

"Did you know a dog can live on a vegetarian diet but a cat can't? Did you know that feeding your pet a raw diet isn't always nutritious and could lead to salmonella poisoning? I also never knew that cats can't taste sugar, yet dogs can." Tastefully Vikkie

"I hadn't realised how much research goes on before the dog food is put in Stan's bowl. Pedigree® have a lot of vets working with them and specialist nutritionists - I find this very reassuring." Striking Mum

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