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Feeding your puppy or dog

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Find out what nutrition your dog needs, which feeding options are available and how to help them maintain a healthy weight

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What should I feed my dog?

Research by the Waltham® Centre for Pet Nutrition reveals that dogs gain the widest range of health benefits through a varied diet of dry food, wet food, dental care and treats.

Pedigree® recommends feeding a mixture of wet food and dry food as a main meal diet, which gives your dog different health benefits, tastes and textures - making mealtimes even more enjoyable.

Additional treats, table scraps and daily dental care products should only make up around 10% of your dog's daily calorie intake, to ensure healthy weight maintenance. Just as with human food, remember to count calories and adjust your dog's main meal food if/when treating. You can create a menu tailored to your dog with Pedigree®'s new Tracks app.

The Pedigree® range

Dry food

  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for every size of dog and at every life-stage

  • Scientifically designed to support your dog's teeth, skin, coat, digestion and immunity

  • Contains carbohydrate and fibre, which are good for a dog's digestive health

  • Developed with vets

  • Wet food

  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for every stage of your dog's life

  • 4x lower calories than the average dry food to help maintain a healthy weight

  • High in moisture to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections

  • An enjoyable variety of tastes and textures

  • No artificial colours or flavours

  • Developed with vets

  • Oral care

    80% of UK dogs suffer from some form of gum disease. It is the most common health problem that vets see in dogs today. The best way to look after your dog's teeth is through daily brushing. However, if this isn't practical, there is another way...

  • Pedigree DentaStix® and DentaFlex® are developed and recommended by vets, while also being low in fat

  • Pedigree DentaStix® are scientifically proven to reduce tartar by up to 80% when fed as part of a daily regime

  • When used twice a week, Pedigree DentaFlex® are scientifically proven to reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar by providing a deep clean right down to the gum line

  • Treats

    Great for training and rewarding, treats are a tasty, safe and responsible way for owners to bond with their dog and look after their emotional wellbeing.
  • No artificial colours or flavours

  • Developed with vets

  • Remember: any treats, table scraps and other non-complete food should only make up 10% of your dog's daily calorie intake, as they are not 100% complete and balanced.

    Feeding Guidelines

    Every dog is different. As a general guide we advise offering the daily amount of food recommended for the ideal bodyweight of your dog in the feeding guide on the pack.

    In the table below you’ll find the recommended daily calories for your dog, as well as feeding guidelines based on a diet of Pedigree®. If you are feeding a different brand, please consult the calorie information on-pack and adjust the amount of food accordingly to meet your dog’s recommended daily calories.

    Please remember:

    •To halve the daily amount of food if you are feeding two meals a day.

    •The guidelines are based on your dog getting the right amount of exercise. If your dog has less than 1 hour exercise a day, please reduce quantity by 10%

    •The Waltham® Centre for Pet Nutrition recommends feeding a mixed diet where 50% of calories come from wet food and 50% from dry food.

    •The guidelines are based on all of your dog’s recommended daily calories coming from 100% complete Dry or wet food. Please adjust accordingly if you are going to feed any oral care products or treats.

    •Please ensure that any ‘non-complete’ treats or food you are feeding your dog accounts for less than 10% of your dog’s daily calories.

    Pedigree® has created this chart to demonstrate how much your dog needs to eat per day - you can find out more about ensuring your dog is a healthy weight and get more information about how to plan your dog's diet on the Pedigree® website.

    Click on the chart below to see the full-size version.

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