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#PampersDayOut: Putting new Pampers Baby-Dry Pants to the test

To get the highest seal of approval for the new Baby-Dry Pants, Pampers took a group of Mumsnetters and their DC on the 12 Hours of Happiness Challenge. 

New Baby-Dry Pants are designed to provide easy changing. Over a third of mums* told Pampers that an outdoor park was the most challenging place to change their DC, so where better to put Baby-Dry Pants through their paces than at the Cotswolds Outdoor Wildlife Park & Gardens.

Armed with new Baby-Dry Pants, which provide up to 12 hours of dryness, a group of mums and their little ones were taken on an exciting journey - and tackled the everyday challenges of keeping DC comfortable, dry and happy all day. 

Starting the day with a packed train journey from London Paddington Station, Mumsnetters and Pampers travelled to the Cotswolds, where they enjoyed a fantastic day of uninterrupted fun. The excited DC were quickly off exploring the park; enjoying a ride on the park's train, visiting the free-roaming lemurs and playing in an adventure playground - meaning the pants were definitely put through their paces!

See how Pampers Baby-Dry Pants fared during the #Pampersdayout...

Introducing new Pampers Baby-Dry Pants

Nowadays, pants aren't just for toilet training - new Pampers Baby-Dry Pants provide the reliable dryness that your child needs, in an easy-to-change format. They feature Micro PearlsTM which absorb up to 30 times their weight, and lock wetness away for up to 12 hours of dryness - no other pant is drier.

They're so easy to pull on and take off that nappy changing is a breeze - even when you're out and about. Whether your DC refuses to stop for a change or they're a wriggler on the changing mat, new Pampers Baby-Dry Pants mean you won't have to compromise on dryness for convenience.


Here's what the mums had to say...

"Today's been a great day and using Pampers Baby-Dry Pants has made it so much easier - particularly when it comes to tackling the changing facilities. My daughter can stand up, sit up and wriggle around while I change her, which makes it less stressful when you're out and about." Adele A

"My son has had a really great time today, running around and playing with other children. He hasn't been disturbed once by wetness or irritation." Adele M

"My son loved riding the train, playing on the swings and making lots of new friends. We haven't had any leaks at all, which means a happy baby and happy mummy!" Rachael

"I was really surprised by how dry Pampers Baby-Dry Pants kept my daughter. I would definitely recommend them to other mums." Vyki

"Pampers Baby-Dry Pants are a great fit and have a really good grip on the hips - size four is perfect! Tearing is really easy too, it's tight but comes apart easily, so great for changing on the go." Jacqueline

"I would definitely recommend Pampers Baby-Dry Pants to other mums because they're comfortable and don't leak - quite simply, they work." Rachael


WIN! One lucky Mumsnetter will win a £250 John Lewis voucher, plus a month's supply of Baby-Dry Pants.

Simply answer the question below to be entered into the prize draw.

Competition closing date: 30 November 2015

*From a Cenuswide survey of 1002 parents with children 0-3 years old, between August 12-13 2015

Last updated: over 3 years ago